{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #6

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all had a great week. Ours has been jam packed as always with birthday parties, play groups, music, swimming classes and more.

Buba has been coming down with a cold so he has learned the act of “man flu” already at 2 years old. His tactics are getting brilliant to get me to do things for him because he is just too tired, sick and lazy to do it himself.

Yesterday, he asked me to go get his blankies, my nemesis, in the kitchen while he continued to lie on the couch and watch Curious George.

Buba: “You get blankies Mommy?”

Me: “You can go get them.”

Buba: “No, you do it.”

Me: “No, you do it.” (ahem, not my finest argument)

Buba: “I love you Mommy.” (hugging me on the couch) 

Me: “I am still not getting your blankies.”

Buba: “I say please.” (even though he hadn’t)

Me: “Please doesn’t get you everything you want, you know?”

Buba: “No, you do! Blankies Mommy.”

I think by mere accident, he responded in such a way as I don’t think he would fully understand what he was saying, it was more him continuing to tell me to go do it myself. Nevertheless, it was funny. His testy toddler side is coming out more and more each day, accompanied by snappy, attitude responses, that take me by surprise. I am only glad I write them all down and snicker later, out of sight. To say, I was proud of his intellect here would be a lie, I do not give my child everything he wants, I barely give him anything he wants, for fear of this.


This week was the first time I have really noticed, Buba getting Americanisms and Anglicisms mixed up. He is getting in the habit of asking if I am ok. I do believe this is a culture thing he has picked up from various family and friends as in the UK you say, “You ok?” as in “How are you?” in the US. But Buba hasn’t learned the knack of saying it with a friendly smile. He makes it dramatic, drawn out and sad as if something bad has happened, and asking, “are you ok? which is more America way to use it but in the wrong context in England.

Buba: ” You ok, Mommy?” (looking down at the ground with a sad face, arm on my shoulder) 

Me: “Yes, why?”. (all concerned by his body language that something must be wrong)

Buba: “I ok.” (runs away smiling)

Me: (thinking, what was that?)

We have also noticed his accent is starting to change, with an American mother and a British father (from Bolton, I know, shhhh) and an Irish Granny he is bound to sound funny. I only went and made it worse by trying to teach him Spanish too. Now, he is such a hybrid of us all, his accent sounds very foreign. He can sound posh as can be one minute and slang throwing it the next minute, from trash, to agua, to ball to britches. The poor kid is so confused.

One day he will say, “my boos in the bawth” and the next day it will be “my b-us in the ba-th”.  We never know what he will come out with.

Do you have a mixed family of accents? Maybe one of you is from a different part of the country than the other.  What do your children get mixed up? Or use incorrectly between the two cultures or areas? Comment below, would love to hear them.


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