Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:38 am

I love a good picnic with the kids and have since they were babies. I was always looking for that perfect versatile blanket that was water proof on one side, soft and thick enough to be comfortable to crawl on for baby and your bum to sit on but then grow up with us for our picnic days out as a whole family. We love to do picnics while on holiday so we always need a convenient way to carry the picnic blanket and basket with our hands free to hold the kid’s hands to wherever we are exploring for the day.

This Easter, we went to Ireland, we got to take with us this Minene Activity blanket that met all our criteria for a fab picnic day out for my two toddlers. They may not be babies anymore but it was thicker and softer than the normal picnic blankets we have bought in the past. It also comes with a fab carrier that still had room for other items which really saved my back when we were walking further distances for our picnics than just from the car.

Our first picnic was on a bit chillier day while we were visiting Great-Grandma’s house. The kids wanted their lunch outside by the flowers so we thought we would see just how comfortable our new picnic blanket was. My kids absolutely love eating outside as much as we do! They are usually ones that see a great place to sit and eat and shout out, “let’s have a picnic”.

Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day

We had a variety of picnics with friends and family and just us throughout our entire trip which was fab. When we got home, we got invited on a sunny Saturday to go have a picnic at Trentham Gardens with friends so we jumped at the opportunity to bring along our new picnic blanket. It was great for the kids to share while over looking the lake and swans. I was amazed at how much stuff I could fit in the carry tote along with the activity blanket. I only wish I had this when my two were little it’s fab.

Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic DayMinene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day

I can’t stand sitting on a picnic blanket and feeling the cold ground which is a bonus with this one especially if you have babies crawling around on it. It does have cute little soft toys attached for playtime, entertainment and my two just used them to mark their side of the blanket and called them seat markers. I loved the vibrant stripes of this one.

It’s perfect for winter or summer picnic with it’s wipe clean material and it’s thickness to keep the cold ground at bay. It’s the perfect square size for a family of four at 135 cm x 135cm square 3cm thick. It comes in six different patterns and colors with matching tote bags! Bonus! It’s easy to throw over your shoulder and take wherever you want to go.

So whether you have a baby or you have a growing family that love picnic days, it’s the perfect versatile outdoor blanket and this pattern is on sale at only £20 now. It’s picnic season, let’s get our baby play or picnic days on!

Minene Activity Blanket: Baby Play to Picnic Day

*We were sent this for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own. 

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