Thanksgiving, Burgundy Boots and new diary #littleloves

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 02:50 pm

It’s been a great but busy week this week. We celebrated Thanksgiving with friends better known as Friendsgiving. Yes, that famous friends episode. It’s one of my favorite holidays and each year we have different friends over to experience it with us. The kids were so excited but devastated they had to still go to school on our big holiday. It was a long lonely day to start as I am used to festivities starting from breakfast to bedtime and being surrounded by 30-40 people not one. But either way, we gathered around said what we were thankful for and shared it with great company. Let’s not forget, we ate far too much food as usual. 

I am happy it’s the weekend, although looking at my work schedule it would seem I will be working all day long tomorrow. Oops sometimes those deadlines all fall on the same day for me. Not planned but hopefully now that I am pass the sickness in my pregnancy I can keep on top of my work and get it all done tomorrow. I want Sunday to be a relaxing fun day. 

I have already bought my new planner for the new year. I have some major business changes and plans for the new year. With baby coming, I have far too many appointment to remember with baby brain. I am already penciling in some things and working on finding that perfect work/life balance. This year has been great learning how to do that and I think I finally got what works for me and my family. 


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I am slacking majorly these past two weeks with my reading. I am behind on blog reading, magazine reading, and book reading. With Thanksgiving this week I haven’t had much time to do anything else. Work has picked up so I am running around with my head cut off and finally I am back at the gym as my vertigo seems to have mellowed out a bit and nausea going away. Hooray! I have so many books on my Christmas list, I will be doing a book haul come new years with them I think. Any suggestions to add to my list shout here. 

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Have you heard, I am finally out of the my first trimester of pregnancy. I am so relieved to be passed all the “head in the toilet” sickness and feeling energized again. Here, I share all about my first trimester with my third baby which has been such a different experience than either of my first two pregnancies. It’s full of lots of Q&A that parents-to-be have in their first trimester as well. I would love you to watch it. You can catch my weekly bump updates and watch me grow each week on this blog or on my instagram gallery. 

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Did you watch my recently review of this grand Hotel, Country Estate and Spa. It’s one of the most beautiful places I have ever stayed. We only stayed one night for date night but it felt like we had a whole holiday to ourselves. We packed so many new experiences in… you must see it to believe it including the hawk that landed on my head -NO JOKE.

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I am obsessed with burgundy this year and these M&S velvet burgundy boots are so comfortable to wear too. They seem to fit with anything and are easy to pop on and off. I love a good ankle boot. I will be sharing my love for ankle boots next week. I have some casual ones to share and some amazing holiday boots too. Don’t just think heels when it comes to Christmas. I have some sparkling ones that will make any holiday outfit pop. Keep watch. 

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I have did it this year, finally made something that will make the Thanksgiving food list every year. Each year, I attempt to make something out of pumpkin besides just pumpkin pie which is a must. I have made some tasty recipes in the past including pumpkin cupcakespumpkin cheesecakepumpkin cinnamon rolls, and roasted pumpkin seeds but nothing that makes the cut for the master must have list until now. PUMPKIN FUDGE. It only took 15 minutes to make, 1 hour in the freezer to harden and it instantly was my new favorite pumpkin recipe. It just melts in your mouth. If you like pumpkin spice lattes than this is your treat. Try it! 

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For those that don’t know I have a new linky  called BUMPS & BABIES. It’s in the name, whether you are pregnant or just had a baby or baby posts up to a year old come share with me. If you know another blogger that fits this please let them know I would love to follow along and share my own baby journey with others having babies or just had babies too. There is so much to share from birth stories, maternity clothes, baby gear and products and baby milestones. It seems there isn’t a lot of place for us bumps and babies to share our blog posts so help me spread the word. It’s open every Thursday to Tuesday until midnight. This week’s is still open… click here.

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6 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Burgundy Boots and new diary #littleloves”

  1. It sounds like you had a lovely Thanksgiving with friends, it’s a shame the kids still have to school to school though.
    Off to watch your little country getaway vlog now xx

  2. I want some of that pumpkin fudge now! It sounds like you had such a lovely thanksgiving and I also seriously love where you stayed on your date night. It’s really beautiful! Can I ask where you got your planner from? xx

  3. Happy thanksgiving, I’m really tempted by your fudge for next year. I’m thinking I could mould into Halloween shapes as that’s the only time I eat pumpkin. Like you I’m exhausting pumpkin recipes. I love that diary and what exciting plans you’ll be writing in it.


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