Personalised Children’s Books make Great Gifts

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Whether you want to create a special gift for Easter coming up or any other special occasion, In the Book is your one stop shop to create amazing personalised children’s books. You can include a photo and a lovely message inside their favourite story or a new story that you think they will love. Our books arrived in a gorgeous book gift box making the perfect gift for any age child to get excited over.

You really have hundreds of options of stories to personlised from In the Book’s website. It’s so easy to shop via by categories, by age, or by type of book. To ensure an easy and quick shopping experience for you.

We surprised our three on World Book Day this year with three books we thought they would really be excited over. Every year, we have made it a family tradition to get them new books on World Book Day. We also always gift them new books on Valentine’s Day and Easter too. We want them to know what a good gift a book can be and not just chocolate all the time.

Our Personalised Children’s Books from In the Book Review:

What my almost 3 year old thought of personalised children’s books:

Baby O, who isn’t really a baby anymore but I can’t drop the title just yet, absolutely squealed when he opened his personalised baby book, PAW Patrol. As I read him the first page, his face lit up hearing his own name in the story. Throughout the book, his name pops up, and he loves it. You can tell it makes him feel extra special. He loved PAW Patrol before but now it’s quickly became his favourite bedtime story book.

“Mommy, here I am in my book! Look, it’s me,” he squealed!

What my 7 year old daughter thought of personalised children’s books:

I picked out a book that would really speak to her at a time she has so many questions. She has been very curious lately and asking what women can be when they grow up so this Barbie Book: You Can Be Anything was perfect for her.

It was full of fun facts about women in all kinds of job roles. She kept reading it out loud to me, asking, “did you…” questions. I love how intrigued she is with the story and information. She even went on to google some more famous women doing jobs that might not be common for women to do. It was inspiring. She said she likes that Barbie could be anything she wanted to be. It sent a really good message.

My daughter’s favorite part was the “Believe in your Selfie” page with her very own photo and message from Mom & Dad.

What my 9 year old son thought of personalised children’s books:

I am lucky that still at the age of 9 years old, my eldest son loves to read. As long as it’s stories of topics he likes he will sit and happily read for hours. When I handed him his extra sized Marvel collection book, I can’t describe the look on his face. He lit up, and he was mesmerized with his life size photo on the first page and our little message to him. He quickly asked if he could read it right then.

“How did you get our names in books, Mom?” he happily asked.

The Marvel Collection book is something kinda of spectacular. The cover alone is beautiful and comes in a Marvel black and red embossed cover box to match. The size of it makes it even more appealing to kids. Who wouldn’t think an extra large book with your name on it isn’t magical? I had to pry him away just to eat dinner. Having his name on every page really adds a special touch to his book.

What I thought of the personalised children’s books:

Personalising things for my kids is a big deal in our house. As a result, I think personalising books looks extra special whilst making them feel extra special too.

Hardback books tend to last longer so I always go for the large, durable books that we can read over and over, like these. They are quality bound and have thick, vibrant covers. The book box they arrive in is great to keep them as a keepsake for years to come. The print and quality of the pages is great for little hands not too thin where they might tear easily when turning pages.

We had the message, “Happy Reading, Love Mom & Dad” put in all three of the kid’s books. We are all bookworms in this house. I love that I can pass that passion onto my kids. Most importantly, reading is a great pass time to do as a family together.

In the Book don’t just personalize a page or two in your favourite story they bring the story and your children together to life throughout the whole book.

Build Your Character Avatar Book:

Moreover, you can even create a pet and a character (i.e. your child) and to turn it into an entire story about them together. Now that’s taking personalising to a whole new level. It’s called Build Your Character Avatar Book. Your kids will love it.

First time parents/readers:

If your a new parent here are some suggestions to get you started on your reading journey with your little one and some personalised children’s books to choose from:

Personalised Baby Record Book

Disney’s “What Makes Me a Princess?” Board Book

Marvel’s “What Makes Me a Hero?” Board Book
Personalised Nursery Rhymes Book

Do you read with your kids? Are they bookworms too?

*This is a collaboration but all photos and thoughts or opinions are our own.

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