{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #13

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Buba’s language is getting better every day. Our one word sentences have become full sentences and even full conversations now. My favorite are our car conversations because he is ever so intrigued about what’s going on around us as we drive. If you didn’t get a chance read some of those conversations the other week, read here.

Not only do car rides get this toddler going, but this week, Buba has become rather excitable over the grocery delivery.  It’s so funny to watch him screech at the top of his lungs with glee, shaking his hands in the air, over something so small.

Doorbell… * ding dong.

Buba: “Grocerieeeeees!” arms pumping in the air.

Me: “Tesco man”. I correct him.

Buba: “I help Mommy?”

Me: “Yes, you can help”.

Open door…

Buba: pointing at the man and screeching, “Tesco man!” at the top of his lungs, startling the poor man.

Me: “Apologies, he is very excited to get our groceries”.

Buba: Holding out his hands to the man, “I do it”.

After numerous trips to and from his van, and each time Buba screaming, “more please”, the tesco man was done.

T. Man: “That’s it little man”.

Buba: “ohhhhh!” shoulders slumped over.

Me: ” It’s ok there will be more next week.”

Buba: “O000-kayyyyy.” head held low, walking away.

Tesco man leaves. Ten minutes later, the doorbell rings again.

Buba: “He is back, he is back, he is back.” running wildly to the front door.

Me: “It’s not the tesco man hunny.”

Buba: “please mommy”.

Me: “It’s the mailman”.

Open front door…

Buba: “You have my groceries?” he asks the mailman.

Mailman: “I have your post.” handing Buba a few letters.

Buba: Embarrassingly, he throws the mail on the floor, “I want more GROCERIES”. Literally barking it at the mailman.

Me: “Sorry, Tesco man just left”. my eyes pleaded with the mailman to understand my crazy 2 year old.

As mailman is passing me a package…

Buba: “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no…” trying to push the package back to the mailman and out of my hands.

He really wasn’t going to let this one go! At least I can say Buba is persistent. The doorbell rang two more times that day, each time having to explain that it wasn’t more groceries and to be nice to the people at the front door! Talk about hard to explain to him that the Jehovah witness ladies didn’t have more groceries either.

This is how it goes in our house now. He gets something in his head and that’s it, we have to hear about it all day, all night until he moves on to the next thing. I feel like I am at a constant battle with this two year old.

Another thing this cute but frustrating toddler started doing is asking me, “What do you mean Mommy?” instead of the usual toddler question of “Why?”

He must have asked me sixteen billion times yesterday, “What do you mean, Mommy? What do you mean Mommy?” Even if I explain what I mean, he replies, “What do you mean, Mommy?” Sometimes I give up and say, ” I don’t know, do you know what I mean?” It stumps him long enough to get bored and run off to play with something else.

I have a feeling the questions are really going to start flowing here soon. He is getting ever so inquisitive and curious. May patience become a virtual of mine fast!


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19 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #13”

  1. Oh my gosh, Jenny! This had me laughing out loud. I think I was even doing the ugly laugh at one point (full on snort!). I so recognise this from my own boy. Hilarious!

    • hahah I do try to stump him and see how he likes 101 questions back. It doesn’t always work but funny in the moment. lol Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • Hahaha I did, I get the Mormons too! I must have a sign that I can’t see on my door. Red cross come about every three days too. Our doorbell is forever ringing. Good thing I have Buba to chase them all away.

  2. How funny. I love the conversation with Tesco Man and he really seems to have taken it in good jest – good for him. Loved reading this post #funee

    • Glad I am not the only one entertained by it. lol Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting. haha great that you both had a good laugh over it.

  3. That really made me laugh, how funny that he tried to give the mail back to the postman!! They are so funny at this age aren’t they and I love their enthusiasm for things even if they do get a little obsessive.

  4. I laughed right through this because it sounds so familiar – although Tesco man is ‘livery man’ here. Must teach my little lady to ask what I mean, at the moment it’s constantly ‘wat dat?’



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