Love the little things #10

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:14 pm

 From big to small,

 Love it all,  

Dream happy dreams,

Cherish all that gleams.

Life is too short,

So be a good sport,

Open your heart, spread your wings,

And let’s go love the little things!


Good morning everyone!  It’s time for the fabulous Butwhymummywhy’s Friday blog hop, “Love the little things”

Here are the the little things I am doing and loving this week…


Buba’s new book: The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Buba has asked me to read this book to him over, and over, all week. His Godmother from America sent it to him for Christmas. He calls it the “Tree Book from Aunty Raycall”. I love reading it just because it reminds me of her. She is one of my oldest and dearest friends, more like family to me. I wish everyday we lived closer together.


Revolution started this week, a USA drama that Mr P and I got hooked on to, back in September. With the tv dramas all starting up again from their break at Christmas our Sky box is filling up fast. Thank goodness for record! lol I love a bit of drama, as long as it’s not my own! 😉


Buba is forever keeping us entertaining with his crazy new phrases and his language mishaps. It is hilarious to listen to a 2 year old and try to figure out what he is really saying. Here are a few of his mishaps.

Awe, shit! = sausage

I want sex Mommy! = I was snacks, Mommy – (he had a bad cold nose was stuffed)

Shit down – sit down

Fuk – fork

Boobies – blueberries

That is just a glimpse into the foul language that is, oh so accidental, in our house.


I made some delicious Cinnamon Banana Bread that turned out, oh so yummy. I love how versatile this recipe is because you can substitute the cinnamon for various other flavors: raisins, chocolate, apples, walnuts. The list is endless. I have never made the same banana bread twice. Click the picture below for the recipe!



I have recently come upon Stella & Dot jewellery and am already hooked. I haven’t taken my new silver bracelet off since it arrived on Monday! It pairs perfectly with my silver Michael Kors watch. I love the layered look of bracelets and watches together.


And lastly..

I am working on flashbacks for Buba. I wasn’t blogging until he was over two years old. I feel like the first two years of his life need documented before I forget the little things. So every few weeks I write a post trying to capture the big and the small moments of his beginning. I made this video of his 1st birthday!

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12 thoughts on “Love the little things #10”

  1. Oh Jenny, Buba’s wee sayings made me giggle! Very cute indeed! I really love your bracelet, and will definitely give your banana bread a go. And you wrote a poem for Love the Little Things? Amazing! Your blog is always so happy and positive – it brightens my day! Have a great weekend sweetpea! E x

    • Thank you so much that is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said. I am a very bubbly person glad that comes across. lol Yes, do kids love the banana bread too!

  2. REVOLUTION!!! My mom got me hooked on that show! The hubs and I binge watched the first season on Netflix and now we can’t wait to watch it every week!!! The accidental swears are oh so funny…my niece would say douche when she was trying to say shoes my husband and BIL were constantly telling her to say shoes…just awful lol!

    • hahahah Artiesa that’s hilarious. Glad you love Revolution as much as we do. America is always ahead of us though in seasons, so you probably are farther than me.

  3. I love BuBa’s sayings, it’s so lovely to watch them trying to make sense of talking!
    Love the bracelet, and I may have to give the cinnamon banana bread a try for hubby.
    A great little loves week 🙂 xx

    • Thank you so much. I have had a great week. Do try the bread, try it with raisins, apples or chooclate even if you prefer. It’s so yummy. My kids love it. Thanks the bracelet is my new favorite for sure.

  4. Our Sky+ box is filling up fast too. Need to delete some Disney to make room!

    Love your Stella and Dot bracelet.

    Sorry it’s taken me till now to come and comment, we’ve been away and this is the first child free moment I’ve had! xx

    • Thank you Becky for all the lovely compliments. You are so sweet. I love the little things!!! Oh you should definitely try out the cinnamon banana bread my kids love it!


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