Pit & Peak of the Week #16

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:17 pm

It’s been a great week full of adventurous outings and a week full of ‘firsts’. We attended birthday parties, weddings, and even got outside to enjoy that beautiful sunshine that has shown it’s face a few times. I love the weeks where at the end of it, looking back and thinking that was a great week.

It’s Pit & Peak of the Week time, where I reflect back and pick my high and low of it all. Fancy joining in, use the badge below and link back to here. It’s not an official blog hop, but always happy to have people join in. It’s a therapeutic way to rave about your high and vent about your low. Give it a try…


Pit: My pit is easy this week, and it only happened a few hours ago. I must have cursed myself as I was thinking this week has gone so well, I don’t think I have a pit. Then it happened. It was lunch time and I was feeding Missy Moo. I hadn’t had a chance to eat breakfast so I was starving and thought I would sip a mug of hot tomato soup in between bites. Missy Moo pretty much feeds herself these days so it’s do able. I am not really sure what happened but between me reaching for another spoon full for her, the spoon tipped out of her bowl and my reflexes took over grabbing for it before it hit the floor. Within seconds my hot tomato soup somehow was knocked over by Missy Moo or me I am actually not sure. I saw in slow motion as my entire coffee cup oozed thick creamy tomato soup all over my cream linen dinning room chairs. Not just one chair but the one I was sitting on and the splatter smacked both side chairs too. I am now down three chair covers and not sure where to go from there. I scrubbed, I soaked, I washed. I am now waiting for them to dry to see the outcome. Nightmare. Linen chair covers are never a good idea, look nice, but accidents happen way too often in this house by children and adults alike.

Peak: It was hard to decide which peak to choose for my highest peak of the week. Buba going into his big boy bed made me so proud and emotional over how grown up he is now and Mr. P. and I got to go to a friends wedding and spend our first night without our kids together. It is a toss up, two big ‘firsts’ but I have to say the wedding. It was the first time I felt like the old version of us in a really long time. We danced, we drank, we ate yummy hot food, it was utterly superb. We even made new friends too. I love going to weddings. The atmosphere is always so enticing and everyone is full of happiness. It’s very addictive. I kept asking Mr. P. could we get married again and again and again. Who doesn’t love being a bride? lol It was a perfect night away, the kids were great for Granny and we got to feel young, hip and fall in love all over again.

Did you have a good week this week? Hope you got to see some of that sun that was peaking out. Comment below and let me know what you and your family got up to this week.
Pit Peak of the Week


Would love to be nominated for a Brilliance in Blogging Award this year. I wasn’t blogging at this time last year. So many great categories to choose from. I am new and I am enjoying the writing as much as getting to know other brilliant bloggers. It’s a great community to be a part of. If you like what you see, then please consider me!

19 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #16”

    • Eeek so nervous, they are drying now. I think they will need a professional ironing service though my little iron isn’t going to cut it. HOpefully I got all of it out now. Why I picked these before I had kids I will never know. Saying that it usually isn’t the kids spilling on them anyways. Mr P has been known to drop his spaghetti too. hahaha You have given me hope with bloody mary and red wine.

  1. Eeek tommy soup I did this over my fave white jumper 🙁

    Great post though, I love the pit and peak idea this would be such a good idea to do with children of all ages each week xx

    • Yes join in. Use the badge and link back to my blog. Leave a comment that you wrote ur own I will come check it out and share across twitter and FB. I had it as a linky but weeks and weeks no one ever linked up. So I do it unofficially now. Hahaha as I still love it.

  2. Fab Pit & Peak of the week hun, I hate spillages. This week I dropped my dinner on the livingroom floor (thankfully laminate) but the dog thought it was his birthday, he dived RIGHT in! urgh.

    Have you thought about turning your Pit & Peak into a linky?? I bet it’d be good!

    • I actually had it as a linky for weeks and weeks and no one ever linked up so it’s an unofficial linky where people can use the badge and link back to my blog and wrote there own. Just comment on that week that u r doing ur own and I will tweet and share it on twitter and Facebook too.

  3. Pit & Peak is a great idea! I have to say, I couldn’t have had white chair covers even before kids as I am pretty accident prone! It’s nice to have kids to blame it on now though 😉

    • I know I totally should have blamed Missy moo but I still think it was clumsy me. I am the worlds clumsiest person. No grace whatsoever. Lol thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • It truly was so great. Thank you. Yes stains have come out but I am waiting for them to be professional ironed by dry cleaners. I may have shovelled them in the washer hoping for the best. Eeek

  4. You need vanish gold my dear! That will sort the soup no worries!
    My pit of the week is happening how- drunken husband snoring like a train next to me- sleep is not happening any time soon!
    I love a good wedding but, as I am currently thinking murderous thoughts I doubt we’ll be renewing any time soon! 😉

    • Hahahaha you just made me laugh so hard. Thank you. My hubby does that too. I slightly been known to kick him a time or two in my sleep of course by accident. Hahaha usually stops it for a minute. Lol good luck. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    • They are at the dry cleaners after scrubbing for six hours I was done. I think I got most of it out. But we shall see how they come out. Lol eeek I am so clumsy.


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