Pit & Peak of the Week #25

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Welcome to Pit & Peak of the Week, where I share my high and low of the past week. I find it very therapeutic each sunday night to reflect back over my week, going through all that we did as a family and all that I have done as an individual. 

If I thought I was busy before, it was nothing compared to what I have been of late. Striving to find balance between family, work, and personal goals is hard. If any of you know how to do it, please do share your secret with me!

My spanish classes are in full force now, I am glad I am now more comfortable in class and I can feel myself starting to think more in the language which is always a good sign. I have even answered to a few friends accidentally in spanish, they just look at me weird but I love that it comes out naturally and subconsciously its there. It means all my studying and hard work might be paying off after all.

Pit: My running is also back, I have done two 2.5 miles test runs to test out that bad knee of mine this past week. New shoes, and taping my knee has really made a difference but I did a 10K run today and it gave out at the 7.5K mark.  I was pleased it got that far but I am hoping this isn’t something that is here to stay for life as I do like running now. Always the way isn’t it, when we are young and fit, we can’t be bothered with it, now that I started to like it, my thirty year old body can’t keep up anymore. It really has been the pit trying to cater to it’s pain and still trying to reach personal goals at the same time. I can’t barely walk this evening with it. I had to crawl up the stairs to put my kids to bed. Not attractive and I bet the kids are thinking what the heck is Mommy doing? I had to limp to their rooms to read them stories and I may even have yelped a few times during bath time as I had to bend down to fish them out. Tomorrow its going to hurt!

Peak: Even though my knee is my big pit, it was all WORTH IT. My peak was finishing the Bupa Manchester 10K today with my besty. It was an absolutely perfect day out. The atmosphere was amazing, everyone is right even if you weren’t running it was a great day to be in the city. The music and entertainment everywhere was great too. I may have dragged myself over that finished line and crawled the last few miles there but I finished sore knee and all. I loved hearing all the cheering and kids high fiving me as I went along. Positive attitudes everywhere you turned and I was soaking it up. By the time I finished even though I was exhausted, I was buzzing from it all. My besty and I celebrated with my first ever pint of passion fruit cider. I know classy! lol Then we down a much deserved burger and fries and there may have been a large frappe from Starbucks on the way home. Oops, so much for being healthy but we deserved it running in all that “heat!” I never thought I would say that in England. It was a brilliant day! Thank you S!


4 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #25”

  1. Loved our day out too. Who’d have thought a day which involved running a 10k on your hottest day of the year would be so special, a day full of fabulous memories. I know you missed your kiddies but glad we got to spend the whole together. Thanks Mr P for babysitting lol

  2. Amazing Jenny!! I’m so sorry to hear about your bad knee but to finish regardless is amazing! Also did i see you say on twitter it was your best time?!
    I would love take up running but i am rubbish and its hard to get started. I have all of the gear though as i am faddy like that 🙂 x

    • Ya it was my best time as I did another 10K night run about two months ago and did it in 1:05 mins so only shaved off a bit. It was easier to run at night though so if you can try those types of runs first. It was WAY TOO hot the other day to run in. I hate it too. I always struggle the first 1 mile or so saying why am I doing this, it sucks. Then I get this momentum and I feel like I can do it all. hahaha Very love hate relationship between me and running. Thanks for the lovely comment.


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