Pit & Peak of the Week #5

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Monday, Monday, Monday, oh how it truly has been a Monday for us. My list of ‘To Do’s” seems to keep getting longer instead of shorter. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, AHHHH, I haven’t even wrapped presents yet. I only just found four Christmas sweaters (jumpers for UK folk) last minute at Primark. Bless Buba, he will be squashed into his one size too small Christmas sweater, if it’s the last thing I do. Unfortunately, our ‘Pit & Peak of the Week’ this week are the same.


Pit: Our Pit this week, was our visit to Santa’s Grotto. I have never been to one myself, and neither has Missy Moo or Buba, so I was extremely excited when Christmas rolled around this year and I saw flyers advertising Santa’s Grotto. I heard some awesome feedback from friends about a Garden Center Grotto near where we live so I thought perfect, let’s all go. Mr. P. took the afternoon off and met us there. It was a 3:30 start, unfortunately we didn’t see Santa until 5:40! The sign on the entrance said, “1 hour wait from here.” After we hadn’t moved but three people in that hour, we were getting discouraged. It was that quick moment where we had to ask ourselves, “should we just go home or move forward in the line?” We were just outside the Grotto covering, getting smacked with gale force winds.The weather was turning ugly. I had my two kiddies in their double stroller, if we moved any further there would be no turning back.  The line moved, we decided to stay. Then it stopped again, it had given us false hope, we were in for the long haul, literally. By time we got to Santa, Buba was begging for dinner, “Mommy I want dinner”, with a “I said please Mommy,” Missy Moo had passed her feeding time, and Mr. P. was cold, hungry and not happy with the wait either. All I wanted was a good family Christmas memory.

Peak: Funny enough our Peak this week was our visit to Santa’s Grotto. Putting all that I said above, aside, the kids weren’t crying, we had some laughs with strangers around us, just as frustrated as us, and we got to see Santa in the end. Missy Moo loved him, and almost pulled his beard off. Even though Buba was too scared to go near him, he loved Santa’s trick when he rang his magic bell and presents fell down and out of the fireplace. Nice trick Santa. I was a little skeptical at the £6.99 per person price until we got home and opened Santa’s gifts. They were great quality and the kids loved them. So in the end, it was a great memory, even if it started out really rocky.


Missy Moo and Santa minus one scared toddler, Buba.

Before we got in line, we had a cheeky look around the Garden Center which was decked out for the festivities. From the massive mini-village lined with decor to singing Santas for charity, there was something to oh & ah over in each corner.


The kids were a little freaked out with the moving, singing Santas but they both loved the display below and all its twinkling lights.

Image 1


Pit Peak of the Week

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