Pit & Peak of the Week #14

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 04:55 pm

Welcome to Pit & Peak of the Week Blog Hop!

Pit & Peak of the Week is a therapeutic way to vent about that week’s pit and rave about that week’s peak. Life isn’t all bubble gum and lemon drops, so let’s share what’s real, what’s really happening, and as always end on a positive note each week. Some week’s you might not have a Pit, and some week’s you might not have a Peak, that’s ok, share as little and as much as you want.

P&P will open up every Sunday morning until the following Saturday evening, so you have all week to reflect back on the previous week. I would love if you would place the badge below in your post so we all know where you are partying and I will give your post a shout out on Twitter with the hashtag #Pit&Peak.

Wow is it Sunday already? I can’t keep the days straight these days. But while we are at it, how nice has the weather been this weekend? We took full advantage of it as we are so sick of staying in. There has been park hopping, haircuts, and even a mini shopping trip to Cheshire Oaks with my mother-in-law to name of few. Other than that it’s been a quiet week.

Pit: Have you ever tried one of those fish pedicures? Well, I hadn’t until we went on vacation to Lanzarote, where I spots these unique spas on ever corner. So finally I got the courage to do one and talked Mr. P. into it too. If I was going to get my feed ate by fish so was he. It was fun, silly and tickled a little. I enjoyed watching Mr. P. squirm while attempting to look calm and collected when really inside my skin was crawling. I was glad we did it and my feet felt so smooth afterwards. We continued on our vacation and didn’t think anything of it. Until, I got home and my toes had a rash all over them. I went to the GP and he said these fish spas are all being shut down because of the chances of spreading bacteria and other infections. Of course, I was one of those lucky people to have a serious reaction to it. I am still battling it now, and I vouch to tell everyone I know, please do not do fish pedicures! It’s a real pit!

Peak: If you have been reading my blog you will know I am struggling with Buba and potty training. Now that he is 2 and half I am desperate for him to figure it out. So this week when Special Agent Oso aired an episode on potty training I was quick to record it. After reading numerous potty books every night as a bedtime story, I thought watching it on his favorite show might help too. It didn’t just help, in one day he went from being scared of the potty to peeing on it all day and a dry diaper all day. I couldn’t believe it. Every two hours I put this episode on and he would sit on his potty and go! I was ecstatic but thought it must have been a fluke.  So to my astonishment the next day, he asked to watch it again and sat on his potty each time he had to go and even did number two! I have never been a bigger cheerleader. We are finally seeing progress. Hurray! (stay tuned for “Oso potty trained my son!”)

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4 thoughts on “Pit & Peak of the Week #14”

  1. Oh Jenny, I am so sorry about your feet. Isn’t it awful, when you just do something for fun, that you could end up with something bothering you for ages afterwards? I did it once, too (made the skin on my feet incredibly dry) and will definitely not do it again after reading your post! Well done to Buba for using the toilet. Potty training can be a long process, try not to worry too much about it. The more you worry, the more stressful he will find it (I know, easier said than done!). x Mel

    • Thank you so much Mel. Great advice. I knew I shouldn’t have tooted my horn because now he won’t go near the potty today. hahaha Just after I raved for two whole days about it. It is a long process in deed!!! Hope you will link up to Pit & Peak. It’s a new linky but will soon take off, I hope. lol

  2. I was so excited when I initially read your post about Buba and Oso doing the potty thing together lol! So sad that he now wants nothing to do with it! All I can say is to just remain calm about it and don’t make it a big deal. The bigger deal you make it, the more resistance he is likely to show. And trust me I totally understand the desire to have your toddler out of diapers when you have a baby that has to be in diapers! From my experience, there will come a day when he just decides that he no longer wants to pee and poo and a diaper and will want to do it like a big boy. Patience young grasshopper lol!

    • I have no patience. It’s not a virtual of mine clearly. I think Missy Moo will be fully potty trained before Buba ever catches on but we are working on it. Slowly but surely.


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