Planning a Loft Conversion to Create More Living Space

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 09:24 pm

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Converting your loft is a fantastic way to create more space in your home. It enables you to take a space that you’re perhaps not using or only using as storage space and turn it into a more useful room. You can use your loft for a variety of different purposes, from a spare room or a home office to a home cinema or a granny annexe. Before you can convert your loft, you have to consider whether it’s suitable for conversion and what you’re going to do with it. Follow these steps to plan your loft conversion and decide what you’re going to do.

Clear and Assess Your Loft

It’s a good idea to start by getting a good look at your loft. If you’re currently using it as a storage space, it can be tough to even see how much space you have to work with. By moving everything to a secure storage unit, your garage, or anywhere else you have space, you can get a clear look at your loft. You’ll need to assess whether your loft can be used as a liveable space. That will require looking at the roof pitch, the internal height (should be at least 2.5m), and the footprint (should be at least 5.5m x 7.5m).

Decide How to Use the Space

Deciding how you’re going to use your space should be the next step. There are plenty of ways to use a loft space, some of them fairly conventional and others a little more imaginative. You might want to put in another bedroom, create a home office, add a bathroom or create a hobby room of some kind. If there’s enough space, you might be thinking about creating two different rooms. For example, maybe you want to have a bedroom and an ensuite to go with it.

Find the Right People to Do the Job

A loft conversion can get complicated, and it’s not really something that you want to DIY. It’s best to have it done professionally, especially as you’ll have to meet building regulations. An architect or building surveyor can help you to design your conversion and can help you to find a builder too. Some building companies specialise in loft conversions, and these can be a good choice to complete the whole project for you. Some general builders might also have experience with loft conversions.

Image from Pexels – CC0 License

Check Planning Permission and Building Regulations

Before you can go ahead with a loft conversion, you will need to ensure it’s all done legally and is up to standard. You might need to get planning permission, although it isn’t usually required for a loft conversion unless you’re planning to extend the roof space or exceed certain limits. However, you will need to follow building regulations to ensure your loft space is converted into a habitable space that’s safe to use. Check whether you need a party wall agreement with adjoining properties too.

Convert your loft to get more living space and more enjoyment from your home.


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