Planning For The Unpredictable In Life

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Life is amazing. It’s colourful, exciting, interesting, and varied. It’s also very unpredictable, which is the only predictable thing about it. For this reason, none of us can really be sure where we’ll be ten years from now, even if we’re working very hard to get to a certain place.

This is why it’s good to put a few plans in place so that if something were to occur, you will have resolved your affairs in a healthy fashion. Otherwise, you might not have the ability you have now in exerting control over the situation. Remaining capable of doing this is key.

Of course, for some people, it’s obvious what should happen. You may wish to have your children inherit your household, for example, if you’re no longer here. In some cases, provisions that help render you infertile in a consented-to manner can help you prevent any accidental children once you’re happy with your family size; and can often be undertaken by the male partner. Perhaps, more reliably, you just hope to go into education in your 40s, knowing that there’s no time like the present. As you can see, planning for the future comes in all shapes and sizes.

Let’s consider how to do that despite the unpredictably surrounding us:

Life Provisions & Loved Ones

It’s good to consider what provisions to put in place when you’re gone. Putting in capable life insurance plans can ensure if a difficulty happens, your loved ones will get a payout to help them take that next step. In addition, if you have any kind of estate, making sure your last requests and inheritances are properly curated can avoid conflicts in your family afterwards. This can give you peace of mind knowing everything has been attended to.

Resolve Issues & Set Priorities

Of course, you have to recognize when issues can’t be resolved so simply, as well. When it comes to your and your children’s wellbeing, it’s important to protect yourself. To that end, when there are unresolvable differences, you have to know how to do that. This can include working with family court solicitors to find the appropriate step forward. Hard conversations about the future of your family are sometimes vital.

It’s good to resolve issues as you can, and prioritize what really matters. So for instance, moving to be closer to your family when you finally decide to buy a home with your partner allows you to be closer in the event of an issue taking place. Instead of letting disagreements and miscommunications fester, it’s also good to be proactive about straightening things out with those you haven’t seen eye to eye with, if this is possible. Life is too short to leave things unsaid, or at least to try, especially as we get older.

One Step At A Time

Remember that no matter how unpredictable life gets, you only have to take it one step at a time. Doing so can help bring some comfort and peace to your day to day experience, even if you’re trying to care for a family member, cope with a job loss, or get used to a new normal after your children fly the nest. Understanding that gives you some breathing room, and also allows you to ask for help if you need it; and there’s no shame in needing that latter approach to work out.

With this advice, we hope you can add some security and predictability to this weird, confusing, wonderful life.


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