Poem 47: The Unexpected

The stars were out,
Bright and gleaming,
People were all around,
The music was streaming.


The warm weather hugged me,
As I danced about,
I looked over and caught your eye,
And wanted to shout.


I didn’t know why,
But my heart pulled me to you,
As soon as you spoke,
That’s when I knew.


Love overwhelmed me,
You were the one,
It was unexpected,
Neither turned to run.


A place, where neither should be,
But fate brought us there,
Only to follow our hearts,
Nothing else will ever compare.


Things may be unexpected,
In life you must play,
I never thought love,
Would take me far away.


It brought me to a new country,
My overall life was affected,
But I am ever so grateful,
For the great unexpected.


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19 thoughts on “Poem 47: The Unexpected”

    • Nope rain and horrible here too. Thank you so much Maddy. I am off to swimming with Missy Moo but will come back to comment on everyones later. 😉

    • Thank you Tracey. I really enjoyed writing it too. Love writing poems about my family or hubster. Makes it easy to share emotions and great moments.

    • Thanks Sara. Sorry my last two prompts have been poems. It’s my favorite and this poem fit it so perfectly I couldn’t resist. Thanks for hosting. it really is such a fab linky.

  1. Ahhh what a sweet poem and so lovely that it tells the tale of when you met and why you’re now here with Blighty – lovely poem #prose4t

  2. ‘The Great Unexpected’… Easy to see the UK with a somewhat jaundiced eye if you’re a ‘local’, especially compared to the perceived adventure/possibility of the States, Refreshing to see the ol’ place through a different lens for once! #Prose4T


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