Poem 53: I can do it

I can do the washing,
And the cleaning up,
I can dress the kids,
And have coffee in my cup,
I can do a puzzle,
With my darling son,
I can shake a rattle,
For my other little one,
I can do my garden,
Make it nice and pretty,
I can do dinner,
On the table at five thirty,
I can change diapers,
While doing my spanish,
I can do night school,
With no sleep and looking manish, 
I can do a 10K run,
Between a christening and birthday,
I can do it, really I can,
So I like to say.
But can I really? 
* Sharing my poem with Prose for Thought
Prose for Thought

15 thoughts on “Poem 53: I can do it”

    • Ahhh Thanks lady, I really hope so. I am definitely one that will give it a good try though. I do think sometimes I say Yes I can do it a little too much but it’s hard not to want to be involved in everything all the time. lol

    • hahaha Thank you I am far from supermom! A supermom eats better, takes better care of her looks and clothes, and house, and does A LOT more than this. I think. 🙂

    • Oh kim somedays I feel snowed in and others I feel like I could take on more. Hoping I just get through it all without the hair going grey or falling out. hahaha

  1. Crikey! You put me to shame. I don’t think anything except weeds grew in our garden until our son was about 4 😀 You can write lovely poems too. Well done x

    • Ahhh thank you Emily. It’s been a hard three weeks of garden work. If you want to take a peak check out my garden, mini series phase three will be up later next week!!!

    • hahah Thank you Sara. I love writing poetry. I find it a lot easier to express myself sometimes. Although sometimes people read too much into it and are always asking am I ok? hahaha


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