Poem 55: I wish I had more time

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 10:59 am

I wish I had more time, to watch you in your prime,

To capture life’s route, while you are still little and cute,

Your baby days have gone too fast,  the are now something of the past,

I need more time to remember, with every single family member,

The big times and the little times, and all the milestones that we chime,

A few hours a day are not enough, watching you grow up is tough,

I wish I had more time, to watch you do things like climb,

To watch you explore and learn, doing new things every time I turn,

You are no longer a cooing baby, but a big boy just maybe, 

And as for you little girl, my shining growing little pearl,

I wish I had more time, with my little mime,

One on one, having lots of fun,

As you are almost a baby no more, getting up off the floor,

Daily changing, and mommy rearranging, 

To keep you safe, giving you room to grow, oh how you go, go, go,

It’s all going too fast, I cry a tear of what has passed,

Needing more time to take you both in, so I remember all that has been,

If only I could have more time, with both of mine!


* Sharing my poem with Prose for Thought & Week 20 The Prompt



19 thoughts on “Poem 55: I wish I had more time”

  1. Beautiful lines ! I also feel that when we go into the flashback, it always looks like time have gone too fast.

  2. Ah s sweet Jenny! If only there was more time eh? I have taken this week’s prompt and written a poem too – it just leant itself to poetry really I think – too many different things we could all do with a little more time… #proseforthought #theprompt

    • Completely agree Sam, I have a huge list of things I would love to do if I ever had more time each day. lol Poetry is a great from to express yourself. I write them everything thursday so my prompts usually come out as poems. hahaha

  3. Beautiful poem hun 🙂 I can really relate to the words as my oldest is now16 and my middle child is 15 today! My little one is not so little anymore and now 6, it really is crazy how quick time flies by! #ThePrompt

  4. Oh, I love this Jenny. I always like your poems, but this one is really beautiful. Love the language and the sentiments. I wish I had more time with my little mime, love it. Thanks so much for linking to #ThePrompt x

    • Of course, glad you like it. I love the prompt. And am trying to make more time for it as it’s a great way to get back to the writing. Although my poems usually see a spot light there too. lol

  5. Share your pain. We blink and we miss one thing. It terrifies me how fast time is flying and how much we overlook or forget to record. All we can do is stay conscious and keep trying to slow down and of course to treasure the memories we do make. Very heartfelt words.

    • I know I try to record everything but it’s so hard and if we are enjoying the moment then we aren’t recording it so there is a fine line in there somewhere. hahaha Thank you Emily!


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