Poem 59: To my daughter

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 09:41 am


When you were born, you made this family complete,

When you were born, you had those adorable baby feet,

When you were born, you were so soft and sweet,

When you were born, it was back to baby stages that can’t be beat.


But now you have, grown into a tot,

But now you have, a tantrum that is hot,

But now you have, a big girl plot,

But now you have, a giggle for the book Spot.


My baby no more, you now have hair,

My baby no more, sitting in your big girl chair,

My baby no more, it’s so hard to bare,

My baby no more, the last year full of memories to share.


So I say to you, my big girl now,

So I say to you, the only way I know how,

So I say to you, if its possible, I love you more now,

So I say to you, Happy 1st birthday, WOW!


*Sharing my poem with Prose for Thought

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6 thoughts on “Poem 59: To my daughter”

  1. Happy Birthday! Such a sweet poem. Full of love and emotion for a special day. I hope you have all enjoyed yourselves and eaten lots of cake!

    • We definitely have eaten enough food for a whole month and had an absolutely gorgeous day with our little family. We kept it really low key dinner out just the four of us. Some quality time before we are off to america and leaving Daddy behind.


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