Reduce Your Bills By Improving Your Home Energy Efficiency

Deciding to have window shutters in your home isńt just about the style and look you want. It is a great way to improve home energy too. A few years ago, we got shutters in our house and it´s something I wish we had done when we first moved in, ten years ago. I love the look of shutters in a house. It makes it look more modern but there are so many other benefits to having shutters in your house.

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Benefits of Having Window Shutters

  1. Energy Efficiency – They stop the droughts from escaping and keep the warmth in which improves heat retention.
  2. Modern Style – You’re going for a more modern style than curtains or roller blinds.
  3. Allergies – They are way easier to keep the dust levels down in your home than with curtains or fabric blinds.
  4. Black Out – With my kids needing that extra dark that curtains on poles just dońt provide. Shutters are perfect as block out almost all the light.
  5. Easy to Clean – Fold them shut and wipe and fold them the opposite way and wipe again. So easy to clean whereas you might have to get curtains dry clean or roller blinds dust may sticks to them.
  6. Easy to Open and Close – For our kids they can simply open and close their own shutters. Before they weren’t tall enough to drag their curtains all the way shut.
  7. Brighten up a Room – They easily make a room feel more bright with no bulky side curtains blocking the light.
  8. Rooms Appear Bigger – In my experience all our rooms appear bigger. No bulky side curtains, nothing to make the window appear smaller and allows a lot of light in.
California Shutters

Shutters dońt have to cost an arm and leg either. The cost benefits of choosing DIY shutters over full-service shutter installations is huge. You still get the luxury style at a lower price. With California Shutters they offer plenty of easy to follow guides and videos to help you. From measuring, ordering, and installing bespoke shutters yourself, they have you covered. They are made from quality material that you can trust will last over the years. I highly recommend you check them out if you are thinking of getting shutters for your home.

It’s the best decision we ever made getting window shutters. The heat retention alone should be a huge factor in your decision. Being able to do it yourself with a company that will literally hold your hand every step of the way is important. It´s not worth the extra few thousand pounds it would cost for someone else to do it for you when the result is the same quality, style and efficiency.

Would you change your window dressings to shutters?

Our window shutters changed the whole look our of home too, in a good way. It brightened each room as we got white window shutters. There is no more bulky sides of curtain fabric on both sides of every window which can really darken a room and make it feel smaller. It made each room appear bigger for this reason too.

I couldn’t believe the transformation it made. It also is easier for the kids to open and shut their own window shutters. Rather than having your kids pulling on curtains, you all know how that usually ends. Contrary to what people think window shutters allow a lot of light in when open. They also block out a lot of light when you they are closed. It’s the perfect combination.

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