Saving for my husband 40th birthday

It’s only a few years off until my husband turns forty years old. It’s the big 4-0 that always get some apprehensive and others see it as a challenge of what to accomplish and what to experience, kind of deadline. I have been thinking lately that I want to save up for something big and unique for him. Not just because it’s a big milestone in life but because he deserves to be overly spoiled on such an occasion. I won’t get all mushy about how romantic he is, he is not. Or say all the lovely things he says to me, those are for me. But I have to shout out how lucky I am to be his wife and he spoils me in all the right ways that I will forever be grateful for.

He has given me two amazing, beautiful children, love and supported me when I was trying to adjust to a new life here in the UK, and most importantly he understand how much my own immediate family mean to me and mean to the kids. Every year, he fully supports us staying in the states for the entire summer so we can spend as much time as possible with grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles and explore the great outdoors on a daily basis while he is here in the UK. Now to me that is more spoiled then I could have ever asked for. It must be so hard to be away from me and the kids for so long and to be in our house so quiet and alone. Yet, he doesn’t blink an eye knowing how much it means to me that the kids know my family and culture as much as they know his and that I get to be home again. It’s such a selfless thing to do and putting our needs before his own shows just how amazing he really is. For this reason and a million more I am saving up to wow him on his fortieth birthday. 

Saving for my husband's 40th birthday gift present

Now this is where you all come in, I need your advice, tips and opinions below. I have a few ideas that I will share with you and then I need some guidance there after. A fortieth birthday present is a hard one to get right. You want it to feel like it was a bigger deal than a normal birthday present but you also don’t want to out do yourself, fifty is right behind it. I am sure I will buy him a few little bits like clothes that he needs, aftershave, golf gear but I want to do something for his main present he won’t expect.


1. A new set of custom made golf clubs.

2. Rent a sports car and road trip to a getaway holiday for the weekend.

3. Monaco Grand Prix tickets including access to Amber Lounge.

4. A Norwegian Fjords holiday including Aurora experience.

5. Ticket to the US Masters at Augusta.

6. Helicopter lessons.

7. Atlantis Dubai with his wife (wink).

8. Ring side tickets for boxing at MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas.

9. Sky diving adventure.

10. A family cruise. 

Saving for my husband's 40th birthday gift present

I know that my husband wouldn’t mind if I just bought him four dozen candy bars of chocolate or paid for a year of golf but I like to spoil those that spoil me. I also know he would love any of these ten things on my list. So I have started finding ways to save my pennies a little here and a little there so when the time comes I will have enough to give him the amazing fortieth birthday present he deserves. 

Some people don’t realize how fast savings can add up. I always take a little out of my pay check each month so I don’t even notice it going into my savings account. I slowly watch what I splurge on, like Starbucks and market fresh flowers; not going without but these little purchases add up so quickly. I also started using online grocery shopping and I go through put everything I can possibly want and need in my basket and then I starting cutting drastically using my “do I need this” questionnaire and keep my budget tight. I am a huge ebay seller. I am constantly putting things I just don’t use or need anymore on ebay. You can get all my tips for ebay selling here. If you don’t like the charges and hassles of auctioning on ebay you can always find your local facebook buy/sell pages. They are amazing. I once listed 30 items of kids clothes and had sold and people picking up 15 items within the same day. There is no fees either which is a bonus. There are so many ways to save money and every little bit helps. If you have something you want to save for, set a date for your target goal and see the little places in your life you can literally pitch a penny.


*collaboration post. 


5 thoughts on “Saving for my husband 40th birthday”

  1. i love your ideas! I really wanted to do something special like this for my husbands 30 but he just wasn’t having it. Everything I suggested was a ‘no’ or ‘not bothered’. I think 40 I will just surprise him with something big. Good luck! H x

    • Oh yes Harriet my hubby is the same, I surprised him with a boat on the canal with a dj and dancing and then 40 of his closest friends got on it with us and had dinner and it was amazing but if I had said anything he would have said no or not bothered. Always just pick something and surprise them. 🙂

  2. I’m saving for my hubbys 40th to in a couple of years. I’m planning to hire a barge for a family day out in the canal – it what he told me his dad did for his 40th and he has such find memories of it I want to recreate it for him 🙂

    • Wow that sounds absolutely amazing. We did that for my hubby’s 30th birthday and loved it so much. I surprised him and blind folded him and had all his friends hiding on the barge and he thought he was just stepping outside for me to give him a present. lol Good luck and have fun.


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