Why have a Second Passport for Frequent Travelers

Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 04:06 pm

We are a traveling family. As expats we travel back and forth from America to England to Ireland and back in full circle, each year. We also love a good weekend getaway in Spain or France to see friends or a family holiday at Christmas time. 

I have always been so grateful and work hard to be able to show the world to my kids the best way I can and also have them involved in the three countries they belong to culturally too. It’s amazing to see the little people they are becoming with their worldly sense. Let’s not get into how funny their accent can sound when they say, “Mooommy, can you put this trash in the bin in an Irish accent”. Ok, so it’s not that mixed but it does sound unique to say the least. 

It’s a huge milestone when a child gets its first passport. I remember going down to London to get both of our babies their passports in person. We made a whole family trip of it and took photos of our day out in the big city while we were there. Many think that’s it just get one passport, renew it when it expires and be on your way. That would be the easy way but when it comes to travel sometimes it can get a bit tricky.

Second British Uk Passports

What do you do if you lost your passport while traveling or it was stolen? How about if you are applying for a visa for one trip and it hasn’t return yet and you need to make a smaller trip in between. Or like my husband and kids’ passports their pages become full quickly even with added pages, at times. Having a Second UK Passport can save you from all of these situations and keep you from delaying any travels you may want to take.

So now you can see why a second passport in hand would be a very good idea for a family that loves to travel. A lot of the times, travelers will want to go to two different countries requiring two different visas at the same time. This allows you to do so too. There are even situations like families that do not live in the UK, need a backup passport as they live in Dubai.

While it’s good for families its just as good for business. It’s a perfect solution for business travelers who travel frequently for work purpose. 

There are many advantages to have two UK/British passports and services to do it for you. As the world becomes a world more traveled by families each year, it’s good to know what other options you have when any of these situations are at hand. There is always an answer or I should say a service to help you along the way. It’s a good encouragement to travel more and let nothing hold you back from seeing the world with your family.




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