Summer Wishlist: Unique Children’s Fashion with Ladida

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:11 pm

Summer is just  around the corner as is our big family trip to America. I have been talking about how much it means to me to have our happy summer days with family each year. As we get closer to school coming to a close, I start preparing for the things we need for our trip. 

One of my favorite things to do in preparation for our travels is scope out new unique children’s fashion boutiques. Ones that carry those brands I lust over when I am visiting Spain and France. The outfits that you don’t see on every single child because you all shopped at the same four popular shops. Don’t get me wrong, I love those shops too. I love a good bargain especially if it’s just an outfit for nursery or the park. But for our holidays and special occasions I do like to dress them in unique designer styles and brands, if I can.

Also, I am huge into reselling my kid’s clothes on ebay. It’s so easy, fast and it allows me to splurge on nicer brands and designer clothes for my kids. Why, you ask? Designer children clothes sell AMAZING on ebay for almost full price, most of the time. I wait until they grow out of their current size, put them on ebay and when I have sold everything, I use that money to buy the next size up. For the most part, it’s an endless cycle of saving money and also allowing me to buy higher designer clothes for those special occasions for those holiday trips ahead. 

Since my kids were little I have loved buying trendy little outfits for them that coordinate. I love a shop/brand that has a lot of gender neutral clothes so I can mix match for both of my kids together. They are getting to the point where they are almost the same size and can almost share some pieces too which is bonus. Otherwise, I save my favorites that are gender neutral so MM can grow into them  

This year, in my search for some fab new unique designer children’s clothes, I have a huge wishlist from Ladida (not just for the kids I happily could fit into their teen range too). They carry some of the brands I have been introduced to years ago by friends in France and Spain but I haven’t really found them in the UK or I thought they only did baby clothes until now. Brands like IKKS were my absolute favorite when I had my first born.

I think so many people have a misconception about designer kid’s clothes too. Not only is there ways like I said above to resell them but they are great sales too. I watch my favorite online shops for sales or discount codes during holiday seasons. But sometimes you just want that special outfit too! Or in my case, I like a good coordinating outfit for our family photos and I know shops like this I can get gender neutral clothes that will have something for B, MM and myself and Daddy can easily match too. 

I have always been one of those that will wear the same thing over and over, season to season because I would rather buy my kids more clothes. What’s not to love about Kid’s Fashion. Everything is cuter when it’s smaller. I have created a wishlist of a few items I am lusting over for B and MM’s holiday trip to America. It’s a shame I can’t fit into all of MM’s wishlist I truly think I would wear it all.

Check out my summer wishlists for girls and boys below. Did you spot the matching swimsuit for her and swim shorts for him…. loving the wave pattern on them.


I have seen this yellow dress a few times above and imagine how cute MM would be in it, running around in America with her yellow shades to match. You know those infamous sunglasses she wore all year long last year. Yup, those ones. I also have a love for skirts with straps on little girls. It makes them look so innocent and sweet. At the moment with MM starting school soon, I will do anything to keep her looking like my little baby even though she is far from it anymore.

It’s great shopping for our America trip. While we do like to go shopping out there, in recent years the exchange hasn’t been good enough. I have found that I am leaning more towards online shops like this to buy fun, unique, trends and styles for my two and it also saves time when you can order online. These days that huge for me. There is always so much to think about and prepare for our trip. Preparations start months ahead of time and I think it’s actually only ten weeks away? If not, sooner. EEEK! 

The boys range is fab because I love B in vibrant blues in the summer. Something about his white blonde hair and blue eyes just pop when he wears styles and colors like this above. It’s so hard to find swim shorts that come in the same pattern as a swimsuit for girls but I love the wave pattern. We can thank the animals observatory children’s designer clothing for doing a great job at having a variety of trends for both girls and boys and items that would suit both of them equally. 

What is your favorite kid’s designer brand? Do you like to splurge for special occasions and holiday trips? Have you ever tried selling them back on ebay? It’s amazing way to afford the higher designer brands, I promise you. 


16 thoughts on “Summer Wishlist: Unique Children’s Fashion with Ladida”

  1. Oh wow, some beautiful clothes here. I used to get lots of my daughter’s party dresses on eBay when she was younger. I was always impressed by how good the quality was when they arrived.

    • Thank you ever so much. I love shopping for kids clothes so much now. They are fun. They used to be so boring and I think brands really stepped it up the last few years too. I love ebay too though I sell everything back on there.

  2. I love your choices! Buying clothes for my girls is one of my favourite things to do, I spend hours browsing and putting together outfits. I love a bit of designer and even after both my girls have worn them they are still in good condition. I really need to get better at selling their clothes, I’m checking out your eBay post! x

  3. Oh that yellow dress is amazing! I need to see if they do that in Boo’s size. I might have to give selling on eBay another go as I have so many designer clothes and haven’t the heart to give them away as I spent so much money on them x

    • I know what you mean I have always felt that with boys clothes. It’s a nightmare to find something that isn’t just cars and trucks and boring colors for the boys. These are fab and they have so much more I want for B for this summer. Wishlist is a mile long now.

    • I know what you mean while making my little wishlist for both my kids, my wishlist got SO much longer and a few things myself as I can fit into the teens section too. Ooops

    • I know what you mean, boys are hard to buy for with less choice too. I wish all of them had less characters and vehicles and more vibrant colors and patterns on them. Little surfer dudes.

    • I know that’s my most favorite one too. I wish it came a little bigger in the sizes for myself. Nothing more lovely then twinning in bright yellow with my littlest. lol Thank you.

    • It’s fab isn’t it? I think if I ever am blessed with a third child that I would totally stocking up on so many things here. I already have a wishlist a mile long for both B and MM now.


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