September Siblings Project

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 01:01 pm

September Siblings Project family photos

Another month half way gone and we are turning the corner to Christmas already. If life taught me anything it’s that each year gets faster and faster. The more kids you have and the older they get even more so. I sometimes just want to stay in my pjs, take the day as slow as possible and just be with my kids and doing nothing but ordinary things like read, watch a movie, play in the yard, or dance in the kitchen with them.

We have had an extremely busy, emotional, tough but lovely summer in America this year. It extended to a two week visit upon our return from my mother. She has now hopped on a plane back to the states and we are left with the official holiday blues. As much as I love her visiting and entire summer in the states too, I think I am ready to get a routine down with baby and work and life in general. It always is a little off when you are on holiday. We stay up later, we let naps slip, we have more days out and we definitely spend far too much money and eat out far too much too. So I need a good detox and someone to take away my wallet. It’s time to find what works having three kids, running a full time business and attempting to keep the house clean. This is a new thing for me not being able to have a perfect, spotless home. I didn’t realize having one more child would make such an impact but going from two to three the hardest thing for me is not having the storage, space, or time to keep things organized, clean and tidy. I stress daily on picking up after everyone and wondering two minutes later how it looks like I didn’t do anything all day. I hope I am not the only one with three that has this problem, if so, tell me your secret.

The kids have been having a weird battle lately. My two eldest ones whom have always been so close and so loving towards each other have turned a corner I don’t like. They are constantly battling it out in emotional tears because of one another. It feels like because they know I am sat feeding the baby and can’t get up they get into more mischief together than blame it on the other. Whereas before I had the baby I could always have an eye out and distract before they ever really argued or got upset about something. I am in a new playing field with them bickering. I know all siblings go through it. I definitely had my years of bickering with my own siblings but it’s so out of the ordinary lately that I wonder if I am not giving them enough attention or getting them out of the house enough. I am going to spend the next week or so taking time out with each one and just trying to work around their emotional and see if we can get our family calmly back on track. Having a baby is amazing but it can arise a few changes that sometimes take time to transition into a new normal.

September Siblings Project family photos


Doing the floss for his baby brother.

Teaching his sister times tables.

Snuggling both of them for movie night in the living room den.


Singing to her baby brother when he is upset.

Grandma and Granny, both babysitting a few times together.

Racing on her bike with her big brother (no training wheels for either of them now).


His two older siblings to spoiling him and constant attention.

Grandma holding him for the past eight weeks pretty much all the time. (help me now that she is gone).

Having Daddy home to bond with too now. September Siblings Project family photos

September Siblings Project family photos

Bath time is now my new favorite time of the day. It always was when the older two were little but when Grizzle was first born he acted like we were torturing him. It took about three months before he loved his bath. Now, no matter how grumpy he is, we put him in the bath and he starts kicking around and splashing with a big smile on his face. It’s just the calm before we tuck them all in bed and have some adult time in the evenings. Thank goodness I have three really amazing sleepers. I don’t know what I would do without sleep.

While the older two battle out who loves the baby more and who the baby is looking at the longest, baby boy is loving every second of all the love and attention he gets. From being spoiled all summer in America and held by extended family all the time, I have my work cut out to get routines, normalcy, work, chores, and life back on track with just myself to rely on. Grandma is back home now, Daddy is working and away next week too, and it’s just me to tackle these beauties during the week. Wish me luck!

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