Slower Cooker Chicken Ideas

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As a busy mother of two, I have little time to make fancy gourmet meals for my family.  For the passed two years, I have been obsessed with my crock-pot (slow cooker). So when I discovered I could make just about anything in it, I was ecstatic. Here is one I do probably once a week, as you can use the shredded chicken for anything. I make a big batch of it so I can make a few meals that week out of it. Alternatively you could freeze it in portion sizes for your kids or the family for a later date. I have suggested numerous ways to use this fabulous shredded chicken below, even in baby purees!!!

Shredded Chicken in the Crock-pot


1 large package of frozen, boneless, skinless, chicken breast.

1  1/2 pint of hot water *

2 Heinz, organic,vegetable or chicken stock cubes

How to: 

Place chicken in large crock-pot (slow cooker). Boil water and mix stock cubes in first before pouring over chicken in the crock-pot. You may need a little more water depending on how big your chicken breasts are, make sure it covers them completely.  Turn on HIGH.  After 8-10 hours and the chicken is falling apart, drain water, and use two forks to pull apart (shred it like below).


Now your choices are endless:

Mexican Style: Use in tacos, fajitas, burritos with rice, refried beans, or fajita sauce. Add toppings like cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa.

Chinese Flare: Use on top of a bowl of basmati rice, and stir fry. This is my toddler’s favorite way to eat it. Scramble an egg and add soy sauce it, for a fried rice flavor. Pour Uncle Ben’s sweet & sour sauce  over the shredded chicken and rice bowl.

Italian Pizzazz: Mix in with cooked pasta and your favorite pasta sauce. There are numerous sauces you can use that taste great with this shredded chicken, tomato based ones, white cream sauces, or even those Philadelphia cream cheese sauces, taste fab with this chicken and pasta. I like to use the garlic and chive Philadelphia cream cheese sauce and add peas and corn to it.

English Favorite: Accompany a pile of shredded chicken on top of a baked potato and pour gravy over top. Don’t forget those healthy vegetables on the side.

American Classic: When there is one hour left to go, cut up potatoes, carrots and toss them in, then drain all water when they are done, and eat with a hot dinner roll. Cook spaghetti noodles, add two cans of condensed cream of mushroom soup, a can of garden peas, drained, and two or three handfuls of shredded chicken for an all american pasta dish.

Baby Puree: I even blend many of these meals in the blender for my baby. Alternatively, blend the chicken with cooked green beans and sweet potatoes. It’s Missy Moo’s favorite.

There you have it, the easiest chicken to make in the crock-pot. Toss it all in before you go to work and come home to scrumptious smelling chicken that’s ready to be thrown into a plethora of meals. A healthy, happy meal for the whole family, from purees, to tot meals, to adult dinners, it’s perfect for them all!

14 thoughts on “Slower Cooker Chicken Ideas”

  1. Will have to try the Chinese Flare….I like the way you have included variations, always good to have a faithful meal you can adapt and make into endless variations. #TastyTuesday.

    • That’s why its my favorite. I didn’t want to just write about how to make crockpot chicken but how to turn crockpot chicken into a million things at the drop of the hat. busy lives need convenience but healthy. Thanks for commenting and stopping by.

    • Thanks Alison. I didn’t want to just share another easy chicken crockpot recipe, it was more that I wanted to share all the easy, fast things you can do with it throughout the week as a busy busy parent. It does literally go with everything. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Hope to see you again soon.

    • I know its so simple but thought because you can do so much with it, it was worth a share. I know boring compared to the rest and their pictures are clearly bettter than mine too. Haha I have a lot to learn. 😉 Bare with me in the process or kick me out hahah I would understand.

  2. I have never considered doing this with chicken breasts…I often boil a whole chicken to make several meals out of and it is usually less expensive than chicken breasts.

    • Cheap and cheerful because a bag of frozen chicken breasts are way cheaper, healthy because it’s organic kids stock cubes so even babies can have it, as there’s no salt. Try it, makes cooking a breeze.

    • Sorry, I didn’t write it as a traditional recipe, basic what to share how I make easy chicken in the crockpot and turn into every kind of meal you can think of for busy parents and people alike. It definitely wasn’t written in your recipe traditional way. lol I clearly am an amateur chef. haha


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