Styling the Seasons: May

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The sun seems to be shining so much more lately which makes working from home a little tough at times. To help me stay focused I have moved my office space in front of the big window in the kids’ playroom so I can carry on with my work and still soak up the bright sunshine as much as possible. I thought at first it might distract me with it’s beauty and whisper come play but I actually think it makes me work better and feel calmer while I type along.

This month, I am so excited to finally find the perfect office chair for my desk. I have had this desk for over a year now and the numerous chairs that have tried and tested, have failed miserably. One was too high, one one too low, the other one hurt my back and it wasn’t easy finding the perfect combo. It’s a lower desk and a deep long drawer so you need space for your knees and still be able to touch the ground. I have short legs, what can I say?  desk2workspace

My work space has quickly become the space I spend most of my time in. The kids go to bed and Mr P might read a book, watch tv, or do his own work on the sofa behind me while I sit here typing away. I love that we can be doing two different things in the same room and still feel like we are spending time together.

When I was putting together my work space I had to think what would match with the rest of the house but also shout my personality and be a creative space I could rearrange when I feel like it. We all know I like to keep things forever changing in my house.

I have painted the walls a pale Alfie grey and added a white desk from Ikea. It was cheap and I knew I wanted a large drawer to hide all my messy work in. Back in January, I had found this gorgeous grey and white marbled laptop cover that I fell in love with so it really was all about the grey and white together. I think having a grey background wall and a white desk against it, I had to have a light grey chair to match. It really ties it all together, don’t you think?

The wooden legs make it stand out as a statement piece and match the two tone wood we have all over our house, half white and half light oak exposed. Our sofas are close to this cream color too. The fireplace next to my desk is black so the black iron detail is perfect. It really seems like it was made for this space and for me. workcushion

I have decorated our front playroom with greys, blues, whites and yellows. This yellow cushion just looks so sunny on my office chair. Grey and yellow are a perfect color combo and it adds a little padding to my back on those long work days.

I like to have a space I can get be creative and pull inspiration from while I sit here. I don’t need a large space this is a very small corner in my front room that I share as the kids’ playroom too. It’s also nice to be able to get some work done and have them playing right next to me. I have noticed a big change in the way I work and what I get done since I moved my desk here and made a formal work space for myself. desk3deskworking

This chair beats all the previous chairs because the back is where is should be. It’s not reclining so far that I am slouching while I am typing or so straight I feel like I am tied to the table with a handkerchief for a lesson in table manners. It fits perfectly under my desk when I put it away so it’s out of the way of the kids running around the playroom. I adore the leg detail to bring some design and style to the white and grey neutral look in this corner of my house. chairStyling the Seasons May with Furniture

Why so much talk about one chair? Well, if you sat in it every day, hours upon hours, working away it would become important to you too. If I didn’t sit in this very spot so much, I am pretty sure I would have found a place for a beautiful grey chair in my house somewhere. Who can resist this beautiful, smooth light grey colored seat above? A grey lover like me, surely not! myworkspace

This year I am joining in with Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots in a monthly blogging series called “Styling the Seasons”. Come join us in sharing lovely styled corners of your home and be inspired by some beautiful images using #stylingtheseasons on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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23 thoughts on “Styling the Seasons: May”

    • Ahh thanks lovely. I love, love it now. It’s the perfect little chair too. I actually had a white similar one before with arms but it wasn’t at all comfortable like this one and it was slightly too big and couldn’t be pushed in. I truly think this is the perfect chair for me and my little office space. Love when that happens by accident. Your dining room looks beautiful by the way.

  1. LOVE these chairs (I have a similar one at my desk) – they are so comfy, aren’t they? Your work space looks gorgeous; very crisp and fresh. Perfect x

    • I had one similar with arms but didn’t find it as comfortable and this one seems to be a lot smaller which is perfect for me and my short legs. Perfect for the desk I have too. Thanks lovely for stopping by and commenting.

  2. I so need a desk to work at, I blog from the sofa. Which is comfy but not really work like! I love the more coffee quick – I need that too!

  3. You must be naturally so tidy to have an office space that size, I’m not going to show you mine but it is a full room, 3 PCs and piles of paper and junk all around me that permanently need sorting out. #sharewithme

  4. How lovely, Jenny! Your space is calming and I could definitely see how you can draw inspiration from such a space. Thanks so much for sharing this and for hosting us on #sharewithme this week.

  5. Where is the chair from? I’ve also been searching for the perfect chair for my little space in the living room and just not been able to find anything. I fold my desk away at the weekend and so my chair needs to be moveable but so far I’ve found nothing I like! Your space has similar colours to mine- yellow and grey is my favourite combo 🙂 x

  6. Gorgeous office space you got there. Unfortunately I don’t have an office space. The couch, bed or wherever I settle is my blogging space. I hope this will change some day. #sharewithme

  7. What a lovely work space! I love the color combinations, looks so clean, bright and absolutely stunning. I’m jealous as I don’t have any work space just yet. #sharewithme

  8. I have really similar chairs bought already for our planned kitchen diner. I love a little office space, it makes you work so much more productively I think. I love the idea of styling the seasons too, I might have to join in on that!

  9. I LOVE your work space!! We are in the middle of doing some renovations and when they are done my office will be moving into the back room. I’m really excited about getting it all set up how I want it, and also about finding a chair that is more comfortable than the one we have now! Your chair looks fab, I might have to pinch it! #sharewithme

  10. I love the classic and timeless design of this chair. And the combination of different materials. But of course your comfort is key.
    I tend to work in the kitchen, as this is where the table currently is. The problem is that the connection in the kitchen is rubbish. It’s the furthers away from the router.
    My favourite place to work is on our couch, with my feet on the foot stool and lots of cushions behind my back, to get the position just right. Though I would love to have a little work desk for myself. We’re doing some work in the house, so hopefully once it’s finished I’ll be able to claim a little space just for myself.

    • Thanks lovely it’s tesco cushion. I swear everyone has one but it’s a fave. I love love anything yellow. It’s been great having a space to work instead of my lap on the couch with a sore neck afterwards.


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