A walk in the rain + Hamster buggy bag giveaway

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This weekend we have been flying solo without Daddy or my mother in law around. I thought it would be quiet having the only two family members away for the weekend leaving me with the tots to rangle for a few days. Silly me. While there may have been less cooking and washing up for me, my two toddlers have been making more noise than usual just to make up for lack of company. I decided rain or shine I was going to get us out to the park for some much needed fresh air, space to run around and out of our four walls we have been staring at too much lately.

Of course, it decided to down pour this weekend so our park visit became a walk in the rain. I didn’t mind it, the rain felt warmer this weekend then it had in a long time and the kids were fully prepared with their new raincoats and wellies on. I think they love the rain to be honest. These mysterious wet drops that fall from the sky, all the time. We may have only gone a few laps around the block and even played around on the driveway for a bit in muddy puddles but that’s all they needed to have a good time and let off some steam. Littleloves Jojomaman bebe

rain and hamster buggy bag review giveaway

My two are huge outdoor lovers when they are dressed for it. Nothing sounds more fun to them than rain, puddles and wellies. Missy Moo has a new obsession with her stroller all the sudden too. I don’t know if it’s a new found laziness that she just prefers to be pushed everywhere or if it’s the fact that Daddy makes it into a race car when he is pushing, making her squeal with delight and making Mommy nervous as he half way tips them over. Either way, she doesn’t care where we go and what adventure we are on she wants to be riding in her stroller. Buba is quite fond of his boogie board too! They would happily drive around the driveway (looking a bit odd to the neighbors) for hours on their stroller. Weird I know! But true!rain and hamster buggy bag review giveaway

I haven’t been using our stroller as much lately for the mere fact that Buba finds it hard to stand on his boogie board with the diaper bag hanging in the way and I find it hard to push them both and carry a heavy bag on my back. This week we finally found a solution, or it found us called Hamster buggy bags. I had never heard of them before but quickly was excited that it solved so many problems for us. 

rain and hamster buggy bag review giveaway

If you haven’t heard of them either, Hamster buggy bags are two bags that attach to both sides of your stroller (buggy) providing it with equal balance. No more taking your child out and your stroller tipping over. That used to happen to me all the time. The best thing for me was the fact that it was attached to the sides so it gave Buba a clear path for his feet on the boogie board. They have various pockets for all your necessities and an easy to open zip.

My toddlers are at the stage where they want everything the exact same color, size, amount and one each of everything. So it’s great that they come as a duel pack. I have labeled one hamster bag Buba’s and one Missy Moo’s. They each get to help me pack them up when we go on our walks and days out with each of their necessities and a few toys of their desire. They absolutely love having their own bags while we are out and about. rain and hamster buggy bag review giveawayThese bags are great for so many different things too. They have a side shoulder strap that can easier be thrown over your chest if you are hiking, or on a picnic. I would even use them for days out to put my camera and tripod in. These will be great too when the kids are older and need a bag of their own for travelling. As you can see above they even fold into themselves into a pouch making it easy to store and travel with when empty.

One of our favorite things to do is have a picnic at the park. Now that we are back using our stroller more it will be easy to pack up the stroller, walk to feed the ducks, and settle down in a field near us for a gorgeous spring picnic together. It will save me packing everything on my poor back and pushing two toddlers at the same time.

rain and hamster buggy bag review giveaway

We have been testing out the hamster bags on our days out, our park visits, and even for a walk in the rain. You never know when your children are going to need a tissue, gloves and hats, or a towel because they just fell in a muddy puddle! It happens and will happen so we are always prepared. 

So far our solo weekend has been full of getting wet and muddy outside and resolving a few issues. We are looking so forward to Daddy being home and Granny coming back from Ireland so that Mommy has more adults to talk to again. Oh yes, and the extra hands on deck always helps. I am sure the kids miss them both as much as I do too. 


I love finding things that make my life easier or solve a problem. I am glad I have these now to do just that. I am very excited to be hosting a lovely giveaway for one lucky reader to WIN a duel pack of Hamster buggy bags of their own! Trust me, they are awesome! 


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    • I know that’s what was so great and that I can have one for each child they love their own things and buba can stand between them on the boogie board.

  1. What a brill idea! Though when I first saw the title my immediate thought was that you were giving away a buggy bag for a hamster 😉

  2. Wish they had these when my boys were young. The hamster bags would be great for when we take our grandsons out. Much less to carry than one big changing bag.

  3. These look amazing! I get SO angry at my buggy tipping over everytime I take Elsa out. I think I might have to invest in this.


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