Why we are dreaming of Greece with Mark Warner Holidays

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:55 pm

We are about to turn into a family of five -SQUEAL. We also love to travel with our kids and having another baby hopefully won’t stop us from being able to show them as much of the world as possible. I think it helps make them multi-cultural (more than just being an expat) and see how others live, taste new foods, and experience things in so many new ways, that they can’t at home.

Greece has always been at the very top of my wish-list to take my kids. What’s not to love about those blue skies and clear waters?

We are entering the Mark Warner Holidays ambassador competition to represent them this year. Over the years, having seen how amazing Mark Warner Holidays are for other families, we know it would be an honor to represent them but also be the best family beach holiday ever! You can easily see from their instagram or website just how many amazing their hotels are and various country locations too. It’s no wonder we lust after the same with a trip to Greece with them?

Why did we choose Greece as our main focus for a great family beach holiday? Besides the obvious beautiful weather, it seems to check all our boxes for our family needs and wants in a holiday.

Of course for me, all that blue sky, white sandy beaches and clear water is the perfect backdrop for my love of photographing my kids on holiday and looking amazing on instagram too.  Instagram is my favorite social media channel and I treat it like my mini blog in itself. It’s a huge part of our travels when I don’t have time during our adventures to share on my blog here, you can always find us on ig stories and on my instagram feed sharing snaps of our daily adventures. I think it’s a great way to engage with my followers too. A lot of the times they will throw some recommendations back at us and we get to check them out right away.

For the kids, Mark Warner is known for it’s amazing kids/junior clubs. I have had friends use their services numerous times and always come back with amazing feedback. We have always been slightly nervous to use a hotel club but I know I would totally trust one of the vetted Mark Warner kids clubs for my kids. It would be a special treat to be on holiday and get a little adult time especially after just having a third baby. The kids love clubs so I know they would be right at home getting involved in activities together and having time together without Mommy and Daddy too.

I also know for my kids, they thrive when there is a beach to run around on. Their love for sandcastle building, swimming competitions, and digging holes to bury Mommy in almost exceed their love for holiday ice cream. I know a beach family holiday always ticks their boxes if they can do all the above.

For Daddy, he works long hours and drives around the Northwest of England. Living in the rainiest part of the country can get pretty gloomy especially through the winter. Just feeling the sun soaking into your skin is enough to put a smile on Daddy’s face. He is happiest on holiday when we are living a slower pace of life and just being together.

We are a very busy family. If you follow this blog or us on social media you will know we pack in sports, activities, social events, and so much more everyday. So it would be amazing to focus on our family becoming a family of five and having some quality time somewhere warm and beautiful to bond and make our very first holiday memories with the new family addition in tow.

We would love it if you could leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite holiday destination to visit is with your family? Please watch our lovely video about why we got started traveling as a family and why we love to share every moment of it with all of you on our social media and beating those holiday blues after when we return by sharing some more.

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As you can see we love to snap our experiences every step of the way and we love to share them with all of you. Wish us luck! We hope you will follow us on instagram, twitter and facebook and see where this year takes our family as it grows. We can’t wait to share baby spam with all of you too.



24 thoughts on “Why we are dreaming of Greece with Mark Warner Holidays”

    • Thanks Sarah, I love their holidays always look the picture perfect experiences. Would be fab to represent such a great brand. Tough competition though this year as so few are being picked this time but fingers cross for us all if only we could all go. They need to do a blogger retreat one for just bloggers/vloggers. Gosh, can you imagine that competition. hahahaha

  1. I love seeing all of your family adventures & always looking forward to seeing the next! Greece would be so exciting! I can’t wait to see your travels with baby #3! (Especially to America )

    • Oh thank you. This year will be amazing in America to see family but at the same time not as many crazy days out and adventures with a newborn but we will make do we always do. hahahah

    • Thanks Heledd, each year I think maybe it’s this one. But we shall see. Fingers cross. Either way, we love to travel and would be SO honored to represent such a great brand. I love seeing everyone’s experiences over the years with these holidays.

  2. Oh Jenny what gorgeous photos! I love the one with ‘Big Little, Middle Little and Little Little’ – so cute! You’d be a fab ambassador for Mark Warner holidays – wishing you the very best of luck it the competition. As for holiday destinations we love – I think we’re pretty much happy with anywhere that has sunshine, warmth and pretty scenery as long as we can all be together as a family.

  3. I can see why you would love to visit Greece this year, it always look so beautiful and I would love to see your photos from there. Good luck Jenny, you guys would be great ambassadors, especially when you become a family of five!

  4. After watching this Greece is my choice!! Beautiful family deserves a beautiful vacation, looks like a dream! Good luck!!


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