Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:55 pm

Do I even mention snow in spring again? We were only playing outside in our back yard, feeling the slightly warmer temperatures after school on Wednesday night. We kept saying, “finally spring is coming”. We have been desperate with all the wind, ice and storms to get out and just play in our garden. But no sooner did we wake up Thursday morning with surprise snow. And not the kind of snow we have been getting lately that usually is icy rain and windy as can be but proper snow. The kind that’s fluffy and packs deep quickly. The kind that’s beautiful and makes you think of Christmas. Even my daughter looked out her window and said, “it looks like Christmas `mommy but it shouldn’t be already,” made me laugh out loud. Our school never closes they have more of a come in when you think it’s safe to travel but I got them there a mere 45 minutes after the normal bell. I had work to get done after all. It’s nice to look out at the snow makes everything seem so much brighter but at the same time it really does make everything standstill. I had errands to run, doctor appointment to get to, Spanish lessons after school and yet traffic was stopped everywhere. Frustrating!

The weekend is here and it appears to be UK Mother’s Day this Sunday too. I always find it weird that the UK and the USA don’t have the same date yet Father’s Day is the same date in all countries. Would make it a lot easier. I have to buy a card for my own Mother and then put it somewhere safe until May to send it to her. I always forget where I put it and then it’s tearing the house apart come May to find it. I often wonder if I will have this baby on USA Mother’s Day wouldn’t that be a treat. But in hindsight I get two Mother’s Day, one is always bigger than the other for obviously reasons. I hope everyone (in the UK) has a wonderful weekend ahead to celebrate with family and friends.

Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant


read reading

I have jumped on the bandwagon to read Eleanor Oliphant by Gail Honeyman. It has been circling the group of #littleloves mentions and all over instagram so I thought I would see what it’s all about. I am only six chapters in but it’s a page turner keeping me interested and intrigued which I like and needed in my next book.

Having just finished How to Stop Time for my book club it’s a great alternative to this as this one was so slow to get to the climax, if you call it that. It was more of lessons of life metaphorically and sometimes my brain just isn’t switched on enough for deep thinking at the moment. Not that I wouldn’t recommend it just make sure you have time to think about each chapter as it comes if you read it.

Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant

heard listening to

Have you heard of Bobux Shoes? We have been huge fans of them for years and you can find numerous reviews and mentioned of them on this blog and on my social media since the kids were little. They are quality, durable and so trendy. These are solid colors but they go out there each season with patterns and designs you wouldn’t see elsewhere from zebra stripes, multi-colored, dots, sparkle, and modern animal characters too. But you know me I love a bit of matching and coordinating and ones that will go with anything in the wardrobe for my kids. My kids love how comfortable they are and these new ones are slip ons. What faster way to get your kids ready and out the door? I love them. I already have my eye on some more pattern style ones when the weather decides to warm up and the snow goes away for good. Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant

watched watch

I have my latest vlog up and this week it’s a special one that needs your support and help. I have applied the last four years to become a Mark Warner Ambassador. Having seen so many of my close friends be one and experience amazing family holidays that they all rave about hopefully one day I will be able to represent them too and know just what all the fuss is about. This is my video entry and I need your comments, likes, shares, and support to help make this happen this year too. I also wrote a blog post here about why we choose Greece for our one destination lust and our video touches on why we try to take our kids to as many different countries as we can. Would love it if you could pop over to both and tell me what you think? To all those that are entering the competition too – BEST OF LUCK!!!!

wore wear fashion

This week as I mentioned above had a few weather surprises. It’s been absolutely bizarre and wardrobe options are a little confusing to say the least. I am already limited to what will fit me out of my current wardrobe now. We have gone from Snow to Spring to Snow in one week. The kids don’t know whether to put wellies and hats on or get out there spring jackets. I am hoping this is the last of it this year. Either way, my go to maternity wardrobe has been pretty much tshirts or tank tops with knitted cardigans and blanket scarves paired with leggings. I get too uncomfortable in my maternity jeans on my belly now. I have never liked the over the bump feeling of maternity pants. I am in my final 10 weeks until due date and I think it will be leggings here on out.

Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant

made making

I made a huge effort to get prepared for baby last week. I know I mentioned jumping on Amazon prime and getting that off my checklist already. This week, I packed my hospital bag. Mostly because I was snowed in and had time and mostly because I was drooling over my new Storksak bag. It also features some of my favorite brands Jojo Maman Bebe, Baby Be Mine, and more. I also was told by my midwife since I had both my first two babies so quick and had my daughter a month early that I should make sure to get the essentials ready now, just in case. That made it feel so exciting, so real and so nerving too. It will fly by and baby boy will be here before I know it. Be great if you popped by to see just how much I fit into this changing bag for the hospital. Hubby is excited it’s not a pink changing bag this time around too. Men!

What's in my hospital bag? Baby and Mother Checklist

and lastly to share

We finally finished our stairs! (for now). You know me and my forever changing mind on things in my house. I swear nothing ever comes out how I want it or envision it when I start decorating. This is what causing me to change it so much. You might have caught that I ripped the carpet off the stairs and had them stained on top and white backs. While it looked off from the bottom of the stairs, at the top, it wasn’t real wood and the decorator had to paint them a brown color to match the stain as the stain wouldn’t have worked for the top three curved stairs. I came home to find it two different colors and in the day light it looked orange on top. So I had him come back and re-sand down all the stairs and paint the tops grey which was my original idea. I love it. I am so glad they turned out this way. It lightens my hallway a little bit more (don’t let my photo editing fool you my house is a cave). I love having the carpet off the stairs so much too it was just filthy and not my style at all. What do you think?

Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant


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8 thoughts on “Bizarre Weather, New Stairs (again) and Eleanor Oliphant”

  1. Love this weeks little love Jenny! Im loving Eleanor Oliphant. Ive nearly finished it now. Gorgeous pictures of you in the snow! Cant believe after it all went, some parts of the country got more! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Popping over from Little Loves xx

  2. Gorgeous round up Jenny, love those colours on you. That scarf is a dream. Crikey I never got to make up my hospital bag with George arriving two months early, I’m so glad you have just in case. Looks like a great size. I hope you have a good week. Ps set yourself an alarm for the USA Mother’s Day to remind you where the card is x

  3. Loving your stairs! I hate renting, I would love to rip the carpet up in here and do something similar. That baby bag is gorgeous! It’s my first year in what seems like forever without 2 Mother’s Days now I’m back in the UK as both Spain and Malta celebrated in May, although my little one seems to have gone all out this year bless him, making me lots of treats at school and ordering his dad to take him shopping yesterday to get me something else. Can’t wait to see what he’s come up with. Have a lovely weekend x

  4. Love those pictures in the snow Jenny, but I know exactly what you mean about the different seasons. Come on Spring, we are more than ready for you now. My mum has just passed me the Matt Haig book and she said it took her a while to get into it. I think I will read it next. You will love Eleanor by the end of the book Jenny. Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the first of your Mother’s Days x

  5. Love the stairs they look fab so crisp and light, I am finally getting into Eleanor but its taken me a while, and you would all make such amazing MW ambassadors. I cant believe how quick you pregnancy seems to be going although I bet it doesn’t feel like it for you? Yes that is so odd that Fathers day is on the same day but not Fathers day x

  6. The stair case looks lovely Jenny, I’m so pleased they finally turned out the way you wanted them to.
    Oh Eleanor is such a fab book and I love that you’re enjoying it. She’s such an intriguing character and definitely kept me turning those pages! x

  7. Loving those stairs! I cannot believe some places in the UK have had more snow. We have been forecast for some this weekend….so confusing. Wishing for spring now! Love your new changing bag, it’s gorgeous xx


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