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Me & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon Hall

The end of October is here…how did that happen? How is Christmas just around the corner and Halloween happening as we speak. For me, upon our return from summer in America the days, weeks and months just fly past. September is the mark of school starting, October is the mark of Autumn beginning and Halloween costumes and parties, November brings us Thanksgiving and more celebrations and let’s not forget December and it’s festive Christmas cheer everywhere the entire month. These last few months of the year, blink by me like one big blur. When the new year hits, time seems to stop. The first few months seem to drag on and move at a snail’s pace. If only the time moved slower on the last few months of the year when there is so much to take in, so much to remember and so much to enjoy and the first of the year would blink by us. If only…

While the time is flying we are still trying to make every moment as a family count together. On weekends where we are all home and the weather is nice we are jumping in the car as much as possible for family adventures. The kids are only young once and the weather isn’t nice as often as we like so we take advantage of it. We have been to the beach a few times, we have been to pumpkin patches to pick our our pumpkins, and we have been to the corn maze for a treasure hunt. Let’s not forget the park every other day with our scooters to enjoy those beautiful falling leaves of Autumn. I love Autumn. It’s so pretty. There is something comforting in cozy sweaters, crisp air, and the colors the leaves bring to the park.Me & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon HallMe & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon HallMe & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon HallMe & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon Hall


Candy Corn Halloween Brownies.

Corn Maze treasure hunt with the family.

Autumn sunshine and the leaves changing colors.


Corn Maze treasure hunt with the kids.

Half term in Marbella.

Golf in the Autumn sunshine…did I say golf.


Scooting through the park on his new scooter.

Swimming in Spain with his friends.

Halloween costume party in Spain.


Corn Maze treasure hunt with her brother.

Swimming and half term in Spain with friends.

Picking out her own Halloween costume. 

Me & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon HallMe & Mine October 2016 Corn Maze Kenyon Hall

We may have had some parenting struggles earlier this month but we ended it happily back to normal in Spain with friends. We ended it with a half term of sunshine, swimming, fun and relaxation together. Each year, we head to Spain for the October half term and it’s just enough sunshine to store up for the winter time. One last boost of vitamin d, and playing outdoors without coats, hats and gloves. We hope November is kind to us with good weather and no tantrums.

Come share the love for thebeautiful families of Me & Mine Project. Starting with our lovely host Lucy at Dear Beautiful and the rest of the team…Mummy Daddy Me, Tigerlilly Quinn, Bump-to-Baby, and Capture by Lucy.

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29 thoughts on “Me & Mine {October 2016}”

  1. It sounds like you have had a lovely month with the holiday to Spain and the fun of Halloween, pumpkin patches and the corn maze. You’re so right, the start of the year does seem to drag and the final 3 or 4 months just whizz by. I think October is one of my favourite months- the leaves, the pretty colours, autumn scented candles, pumpkins and Halloween. I love it! Such lovely photos of you all, what a gorgeous family you have Jenny xx

    • We did really have a great October. Autumn has been so kind to us this year. It’s been beautiful and our little weekend away to Spain was refreshing wish we could have stayed longer. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    • Oh yes us too. We had such a great time Trick or Treating this year. The kids really got into celebrating halloween more than any other year. It makes it so much more fun for us too.

    • Yes, it’s crazy how four months at the end of the year can feel like only a few weeks and yet January and February can feel like six month of dragging. We really have had such a beautiful Autumn this year I won’t deny that.

    • Thank you lovely. We had such a great time and defnitely going to make it an annual thing for Autumn. We really made the most of this Autumn it has been beautiful this year.

    • It was lovely to get away for a little weekend and some Autumn sunshine as normally it isn’t as hot as it was this past weekend. Wish we could have stayed longer than we now have a week of half term left to keep the kids entertained. Autumn this year has been amazing and we have made the most of it.

    • Thank you so much. I hope that it slows down a bit in November but with us having Thanksgiving I doubt that will happen. 🙂 The end of the year is just so busy too I think it makes it go even faster than the rest of the year.

  2. Wonderful photos, I would love to take my little ladies to a maize maze and am adding it to my to do list for next Autumn. We love autumn too and this one has been so kind to us hasn’t it? I honestly don’t know where this year has gone, the last part is whizzing by for us too. #meandmineproject

    • It really has been such a beautiful Autumn and I feel like we have really made the most of it too. Normally, I am not the happiest camper about the weather going cold and the leaves falling. This year has blinked by us for sure. I think the older the kids get the faster it goes because the busier we get.

  3. Such lovely big smiles..not sure how you get your children to do them so well and look at the camera too! Can’t say I didn’t feel a tiny bit of green eyed monster reading about a week of warmth in Spain though! I think children goes through phases just to make us think they are out of the other side of crazy tantrum blips and then they just throw in a couple to keep us on our toes! x

    • I always feel like they won’t sit still and smile for me so that’s great to hear. Normally I try to distract them and catch them off guard rather than pose for me. So I tell them to look at the clouds then I say quick laugh at the bird on my nose and they tend to laugh at me being silly and saying silly things so I can catch them smiling. Sometimes I used bribery not going to lie. lol Definitely keeping us on our toes don’t they?

  4. This is the first year where I’ve really appreciated Autumn – I usually hate the weather turning cold but seem more prepared for it this year! You have the most beautiful little family. I love your photographs this month! Looks like you had a great day at the corn maze xx

    • I have been the same really, this year seems a far warmer, prettier autumn and I have really made the most of it too. I prefer summers for sure so I hate the weather turning. We had such a great time and definitely going to do the corn maze next year again.

    • I just need to get better at walking with a camera and not shaking so much so I could record better. lol 🙂 Thanks lovely. May November be great for you too.

    • Thank you so much hun. Yes they certainly are good at that aren’t they? Each and every year feels that way. Hope November treats you well too thanks for stopping by.

  5. Lovely pictures, they really capture the mildness of this Autumn. Sounds like such a fun month that yes, did speed by! I haven’t been to a corn maze yet in the Autumn, I think I will have to add it to my bucket list for 2017.. glad to hear the kids are having fun on their scooters. I love to see mine speeding off around the park and down the street – love it x

    • Oh you should as soon as we did the first corn maze I was hooked with the kids and they are so fun for them too. Definitely add it to your Autumn bucket list next year. I think my two prefer their scooters to their bikes to be honest. It’s great exercise for them isn’t it?

  6. Love these pics!!! I’ve always wanted to visit a corn-maze — I used to be obsessed with mazes when I was little; nearly peed my pants when I went to Longleat and saw the maze there!!!!! Let’s hope — for both our sakes — that November brings change and less tantrums. I was on my knees a couple of weeks ago. The tantrums were so horrendous. But, we got through them and (thankfully) they’ve been fewer and far between over the last week. Lots of love to you and yours xx #MeandMineProject

    • Yes I agree, less tantrums and November but a thankful one for Thanksgiving too. 🙂 We have definitely had fewer here too. Fingers crossed we don’t go back down that road but if I have learned anything in parenting we will have another road soon enough with them. Oh I love a good maze I will have t visit Longleat someday than sounds fab.


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