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Styling the Seasons October home interiorsI have been joining in with Styling the Seasons with the beautiful two hostesses Charlotte from Lotts and Lots and Katy from Apartment Apothecary this year. I love interior design and styling my home to fit the seasons. It got me thinking about little corners of the house that I could rearrange and style for each month. While I am devastated they have decided after two years of it to stop hosting it…I wanted to finish out the year. Mostly because I am ocd and also because I love sharing my various home styles with all of you. It’s only fitting that this month, styling with Halloween decorations would be a must.  

I don’t go all out for Halloween around the house. It’s not like Christmas for me where I have each room draped in sparkly lights and tinsel. But the main front room is a place we spend a lot of time with the kids and it also doubles as their playroom so I choose this space to give a Halloween vibe and really get the kids involved.

Last year, Halloween wasn’t really a thing for them. Yes, we still did the pumpkin patches, corn mazes, carved pumpkins and went trick or treating in their amazing matching costumes. Let’s face it, that was all for me. They were too young to grasp the concept of the holiday and truly enjoy it. 

This year, I am so excited. Since the moment I put up these little Halloween decorations and scattered colorful leaves around the house they have been all for October and celebrating Halloween. I can’t wait to get them dressed up in their costumes this year and see their faces when they go trick or treating in our neighborhood. It will be their first proper Halloween where they can run up and ring the doorbell themselves.

So for Styling the Seasons this month, I let the kids help me decorate a corner of the house. They helped scatter these colorful leaves on every shelf in the front room. I bought these orange light up pumpkin lanterns from Tesco (last year, the day after halloween, they were 0.30p) along with the dancing green skeleton. We put the strobe light eyeball in the center and it quickly become a bedtime ritual to turn the pumpkins on, have the skeleton singing and dancing and the strobe light going with all the lights off. Good exercise to get the kids straight to sleep, I tell you.Styling the Seasons October home interiors

I can’t resist black lettering. You can get packs of them just about anywhere these days, to spell out everything under the sun. I used black and white washi tape to hold up “trick or treat” and hung paper shaped ghost, spider and pumpkin underneath that I got at Asda last year in the sale. Always buy your decorations after the holiday the previous year…they are so cheap! Then for the bottom of the fireplace the kids added more leaves and we set mini pumpkins that I bought off ebay in between all the leaves to finish it off. It really is the focal point of the room now, especially when the lights are off. Styling the Seasons October home interiorsStyling the Seasons October home interiors

Whether it’s Halloween decorations or just leaves and pumpkins for an Autumn feel, I love styling the house for October. It makes it feel festive and you get to appreciate each season when you style parts of your house to match the holidays. 

Do you like decorating your house for Halloween? Or do you prefer to stick with an Autumnal style more? It’s amazing how fun it is to style parts of your home for each month. Styling the Seasons may not be still running with the lovely ladies but why not see what you can come up with for November. I would love to know what your favorite month/season style is? (minus Christmas because everyone loves twinkling lights). Comment below or come have a chat on social media with me about it @letstalkmommy.Styling the Seasons October home interiors

So there you have it with a little pennies and some smart shopping last year I had plenty to decorate our mantelpiece for October. I can’t wait to share with you our Halloween Tablescape this year and more of our interiors coming up next month. It will be Thanksgiving and there is plenty of styling for that holiday to come. Styling the Seasons October home interiors

I hope everyone has had a lovely October and a very Happy Halloween!

12 thoughts on “Styling the Seasons: October”

    • Thank you so much. I love these black letterings so I can change the sayings to fit what I am decorating each season or month and they are fun to play around with too.

  1. I think Christmas is just that season to go all out. Halloween is fun for like a few areas in the house, but Christmas can be all over the place: living room, bedrooms, heck maybe even the garage if you’re like that! LOL!

    I’m just learning how to decorate my house now that we are getting a little more funds in our household and it’s really fun. You’re giving me all sorts of ideas with this Halloween post though! Thank you!

    • Oh yes I am so with you on the christmas in every room. I had six eight foot christmas trees last year in our house. Over kill I know but I love it. Makes the whole house welcoming and cozy. Halloween is fun in one room for sure. We actually have the dining room pretty decorated too for fun at dinner time with my two little ones. I will be sharing our Halloween tablescape next week. Stay tuned.

  2. It is so fun to see them finally start to “get” all the things we do for them! My mom always did a ton of decorations for all the holidays and it was so special. I will do the same for my son– he is 14 months though, so maybe a little scaled back this year… but building my decoration arsenal already. We are having a Halloween Baby Bash– really just a play date. We thought letting them run around the playground in their costumes and taking some healthy snacks would be enough at this age!

    • Oh yes we did that with a big mommy group we have here when our kiddos were babies. Its so fun just to see them in their cute costumes. You can stock up after Halloween so it’s so cheap for the future halloween fun.

    • Oh that’s so exciting having everyone come over for it and celebrate together. We are off to a Halloween party with our friends when we go to Spain next week. I am curious to see how much they go all out for it. 😉

  3. I also love styling the seasons in our home too and I think October and Halloween in my absolute favourite too. Good tip about buying Halloween decs after Halloween has finished! I can’t wait til we have moved house next month, it’s such a great house to style- I’m going to go so over the top with styling each season! Love your trick or treat banner and the leaves are a really nice touch x

    • Oh yes I stock up after each holiday and the next year have so much stuff they have out for full price and I paid like 50 pence for it. hahaha I love it. Good luck with your move next month. I would love to move house.


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