Mama & Belle Teething Necklace

Last updated on November 17th, 2023 at 05:22 pm

Happy One Year Blogiversary to Let’s Talk Mommy!

It’s Thursday and we are only half way through all my fantastic blogiversary giveaways! It’s such a great feeling when I can reward my readers for being so supportive over this past year with fab prizes to WIN! I hope you all have been getting your entries in, remember if you don’t want it, it might make a perfect birthday or Christmas present. And once again thank you for stopping by and for all the blog support.

Without further ado…here is the Mama & Belle’s stunning teething fashion necklace! mama & belle teething necklace

I was so excited to team up with the lovely Mama & Belle for this amazing review and giveaway! I am a huge fan of chunky, trendy, bright necklaces at the moment and Missy Moo is teething horribly so it was really a match made in heaven. It took her a few minutes for me to convince her that this necklace was special and would feel great on her gums but it didn’t take long for her to start gnawing on it continuously.

mama & belle teething necklace

It’s made from safe, non-toxic, food grade silicone which gives it it’s soft feel for baby’s gums. Want to know something amazing? It’s dishwasher safe! Throw it in the top rack of your dishwasher for a good clean after a day of wearing & baby chewing. It’s made with a break away clasps for added safety. NO runaway beads on the floor for choking hazards and baby can’t pull on it and break it as Missy Moo has done to a thousand of my other necklaces. mama & belle teething necklace

I loved it just as a necklace, the teething bit is a bonus. The colour is a gorgeous blue, my favorite at the moment which even matched my new blue nail polish so it won brownie points with me. I pair it with my white heart sweater or my baby pink, lace blouse but it really does go with so many other tops.

Do you have a teething little one? Mama & Belle have a ton of other styles and colours too, you must check them out.

mama & belle teething necklace

10 thoughts on “Mama & Belle Teething Necklace”

  1. I need one of these because at the moment when I am feeding my little one, she pulls and bites on my gold chain, which is no good for her.

  2. Our baby girl is now 6 months old and starting to teeth as she bites into everything, she also has tons of force when she pulls my necklaces so this could be our salvation x


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