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Last updated on October 1st, 2023 at 01:47 pm

This year has been a different one than previous years for so many reasons. Now, with two of us, working from home, we want to get our house just the way we always wanted it. From renovating our kitchen to smaller things like upgrading to Hive’s smart home products to make life at home a little more fun and efficient.

Hive’s family of smart products is bursting with life efficient products. Including the award-winning Hive Active Heating and a range of plugs, sensors, light bulbs, indoor and outdoor cameras and thermostatic radiator valves and services that allow you to control your homes, save money and reduce your carbon footprint. How good does that sound?

How we use Hive smart products while Working From Home 

We use Hive smart lighting  to set the tone in the office. In the mornings and on rainy days, we use the bright white while working. We turn it into a warm, yellow glow in the evenings to set a different atmosphere as our office is also a lounge area. It helps separate the two, working and leisure. It’s made this room quickly become our favorite room in the house. I don’t think most people can say that about their office.

I love using the Hive plug to turn on a lamp when it’s time to end the working day and switch to relaxation mode. It can also be handy when I need to turn on the lamp to look for something, in the night before I walk into my dark office. Using the Hive app means I can turn it off or on, from anywhere in the house.

I am already thinking of all the things I could control with these smart plugins. What a great invention. We are a busy household and with three little ones, lights tend to get left on in our house. I like the idea that I can time these and control them from anywhere.

Hive smart products can add an element of routine and structure to your day but can also add some fun and help to change up the day too. I am all about routines and structure so this is right up my street. From being able to set lights to a schedule to keep me on track of what time of day it is to also  helping me notify the kids too.


I set light schedules so I know when it’s time to stop working in my office. Some days are rainy and dark and I could easily work way past my bedtime. I also use it to set times for the kids, if they want to read a book before bed, it helps them stick to a good bedtime schedule by turning off when I want it to.

Also, we absolutely love the Smart Sensors Hive window/door sensor. It’s the smart product that has been the most beneficial to both of us working from home because we get notified if the front door gets opened.

With kids in the house, having a door sensor is so important for their safety and ours. It also helps us because our office is three stories above the front door so we can’t hear if someone opens it and walks out. We don’t leave them downstairs unattended but our toddler could accidentally open the door or one of the older kids could leave it open when they get a bike out of the garage. Now we will be alerted if the front door is opened.  

Finally, I love that I can plan “actions on the Hive App” with the door sensor. When the door opens, I can set it to a ray of actions to set off. Ours opens and turns on the hallway lamp but you can set it to so much more including your heat turning on in winter.

You will need a Hive hub to connect to your Wi-Fi box and connect all your Hive smart products through the Hive App.

It is compatible with all Philip Hue smart products including a Philips Hue bridge.

We can’t wait to use our Hive products for fun things like romance dimming light for date night, color changing lights for movie night with the kids, to brightening our home on a cloudy day to keep our energy levels up. There is so much you can do with the Hive smart products.

Do you use smart products in your home? Have any more fun suggestions on how to use our Hive smart products, comment below. Perhaps, you use your window/door sensor to catch those kids in the cookie jar – red handed!!!

Hive Smart Products Available to help you in your everyday home life:

Hive Lights 

Hive Active Plug  

The Hive Door and Window Sensors 

Hive View Camera 

Hive Hub  

*In collaboration with Hive but all photos and opinions are my own.

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