Meet Violet The LeapFrog Read With Me Scout

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It’s no secret here that my two kids are huge bookworms. We are constantly changing our bookshelf reading material to keep us entertained and educated. As part of the LeapFrog testing team we are lucky enough to test out some amazing reading aids to help my kids’ learning journey along the way. This month, we welcomed Leapfrog’s Read With Me Scout¬†called Violet into our home, into MM’s arms and she is in love to say the least.

I love watching the kids use their imagination and be creative with their toys as much as I do when they can learn from their toys too. Sometimes I think they listen more to their toys and other people than they do me when it comes to teaching them something new. Violet definitely has more influence on MM and her reading at the moment. I even get told off for interrupting Violet when she is in the middle of a story. How dare I?

VioletEven if Violet couldn’t do all the amazing reading, singing and fun activities, I think her soft cuddly fur would be enough for MM. She adores stuffed animals. Teaching MM to read hasn’t been as easy as it was with her brother. She doesn’t have the patience and concentration as he does when it comes to recognizing letters. I noticed already because she loves playing and singing along with Violet’s songs she is more apt to sit there and listen to Violet read the five storybooks that come along with her. It’s easy for her to choose the story she wants read to her by matching the color and number on the book with Violet’s collar.¬†violetme2

I think having educational toys around the house is so important. The kids can use their imagination and have fun while learning new things each time. Why not making learning a fun time instead of a chore for kids? How you tried some of the Leapfrog’s educational toys? Would love to know your favorite, comment below.

Check out my video of Violet in action to see what all she can really do, don’t just take my word for it take MM’s word for it too.

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    • She loves it. I would say it’s the perfect present to kick start their reading for sure. I was really impressed with it. Anything where they are learning and having fun together is a win win for me.


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