10 Top Things to Do for Families in Manchester

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When I first moved to Manchester from Seattle, USA, I had only ever been to London and a few places down south on a school trip when I was 18. So when I moved here at 23 years old, I quickly realized Manchester isn’t that different from Seattle with it’s love for arts and music. It’s that trendy city that is so fun to visit, shop, days out, and even live in. I have lived here now ten whole years this September. I can’t believe it. The city still keeps evolving and changing to keep up with the times. New shops are added and new restaurants pop up here and there. It is one of my favorite cities of all the city I have ever been to.

As we started our family, we started seeing Manchester in a different light. We weren’t looking for trendy cocktail bars and fancy restaurants as much as we sot out family fun, days out. Don’t worry because Manchester is full of them. It’s one of those cities that you could do endless family activities whether it’s raining or sunny. 

10 Top things for famlies to do in Manchester

I thought I would share with you 10 top things for families to do in Manchester to give you an idea of the things we get up to in our city we love so much.

1. Chill Factore – From skiing to sledging this place is a full, family, fun, day out. Get everything you need straight from the facility and test out your snow abilities.
2. Vertical Chill Indoor Ice Climbing – For those families with teenagers why not test out your ice climbing abilities. Manchester offers an amazing experience at this facility. 
3. Legoland – We have been to this adventurous day out with the kids numerous times. It has just renovated it’s facilities and has even more to see and do than ever before. Great for families with little ones. 
4. Sealife – Another firm Manchester favorite for a great family day out is seeing all that this aquarium has swimming around. My kids love it here and you can get passes for both Legoland and Sealife together as they are side by side each other. 
5. MOSI – For those with slightly older children and wanting some education in their family day out the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester is definitely one to put on your list. 
6. Moose Coffee Cafe  – For a quick bite, snack or break in your Manchester city touring check out Moose Coffee House it’s one of my favorite places to stop for a coffee and to eat with my two kids in tow. It’s family friendly and with an American twist to the menu what’s not to love for this American expat here.
7. Jaime’s Italian Restaurant – As family friendly restaurants go in Manchester there are plenty to choose from. We love good old Italian restaurant for our pasta loving kiddos so this one is a firm favorite in Manchester. 
8. Wheel of Manchester – Have fun on a ride on this ferris wheel to showcase the city around it. Kids of all ages and adults alike will love this experience. 
9. Football Club Experience – Choose your pick between Manchester City or Manchester United Football Club tours. They are both just as good as each other for a visit or two especially if you are a sports fan.
10. Paradise Island Adventure Golf – Last but not least this crazy golf mini golf facility is great for the whole family to pull out their golfing skills, and guaranteed a whole lot of laughter. 

Let’s not forget there are numerous shopping opportunities in Manchester. It is a place with so many unique and one-off businesses and shops. I love window shopping with the kids and when I get home get things delivered straight from stores directly to my home, and PCA Predict makes this experience much easier for us shoppers to do so online. Doing this has a sweet bonus that you get to try on whatever you want, know the exact size and color and not have to carry those endless shopping bags all day. It also frees your hands up for those ice creams with the kids instead.

Even though I have only named a few family, fun ideas here there is so much more to do in the city. It really is a city full of adventures and activities waiting to be experienced. When you get nice weather, it’s a beautiful city to walk around and enjoy some street food or music when someone is drumming along or singing with a guitar out in one of the city’s squares. The kids love stopping to have a little dance while embarrassing to me, they think it’s fantastic.

Have you ever been to Manchester? What family fun things have you experienced in this gorgeous city? 

10 Top things for families to do in Manchester


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