Beauty, Working with Others, and Time Management

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:10 pm

I have three children now and time management is one of the things I was always good at. I was always early to events, dates, activities, and school functions. I was always prepared with the “mom bag that has everything in it”. Somehow it’s all gone a bit missed… I have shown up to the wrong events, at the wrong times with the wrong child. This isn’t the old me but is this the new me? I hope it’s that pesky thing they call “baby brain” because it’s quite frustrating for an OCD person like myself. I get true anxiety over not having everything flowing smoothly.

With having three children and a busy social calendar, I also work full time. Being the control freak that I am (I know this post isn’t painting me as a pretty picture) I like to know I have done my work to my best abilities. Lately, I have been looking for ways in which I can better manage my time and delegate work out that I don’t have to be the one to do it. Working with others in collaborating ways, or hiring help like VA for things like my crazy email box that gets about 300 emails a day. That alone takes time digging through what is work and what is spam, nightmare! What works for you? I would love to know, comment below.

pumpkin patch


read reading

I am finishing up the Shadowhunters series on book six now! I was recommended them by the lovely Lucy from Dear Beautiful. They are young adult fiction but drama enough to keep you turning the pages. Those that read this every week, yes, I am almost done banging on about them here. Next up, #Girlboss, I know I am sooo late to the party on this book.

heard listening to

We finally got family photos done after a few years of not having them, it was so nice to get some for the house printed. I have ordered some canvas and some printed ones for the family. The sweet Christina from Fish2 Photography did an amazing job with my kids. Especially my daughter who doesn’t do well with those that she has never met. Here is a sneak peak snap… so much more to come from her so keep watch on my instagram. If you need any photography needs in the Preston area do contact her she can do anything product, family, weddings, kids, babies, businesses, etc.

Christina Davies Fish2 Photography Weddings Family Photos

Christina Davies Fish2 Photography Weddings Family Photos

watched watch

Don’t forget to take a peak at our latest vlog: Halloween festive weekend from Pumpkin Patch, Corn Maze fun, carving pumpkins, and some lovely hot chocolate. The kids are getting so big and I love this annual October weekend trip we do each year. It’s great to look back over the years and see them picking their own pumpkins. Would love a thumbs up if you have a minute too!

wore wear fashion

Fashion isn’t just the clothes on our back and which style we are trending at the moment. To me, fashion goes to my skin, my hair, my overall health and fitness of my body. I have never been good about taking care of my skin. My general beauty regime is nonexistent to be fair. I keep saying that I will start taking care of it now so that the older I get I can preserve it while it’s not too late. I said this when I turned 30 and we are pushing 35 this Christmas and I have yet to start one. I try a few products here and there and get lazy. As my 35th birthday looms over me and a few months after having a baby, I will admit my body confidence isn’t the highest at the moment. As I stare at what my third baby did to my body I also kick myself for not taking better care of myself. I need to drink more water, have less coffee, get rid of the sugar binges I am inclined to on the weekends, get in the gym more (which I have been doing) and work on my fashion from the inside out.

I normally share what I am wearing this week and the clothes I love here. But this week, I am wearing my health, my beauty, my better skin before I put on the clothes and pose for you. I am working on myself from within. I think already I can tell the difference in my skin just by drinking a load more water. Getting more sleep as baby gets older helps too. Simple things like washing my makeup off when I get home to give my skin a rest is helpful too.

I started having a bit of zen time in the evenings as well. I have learned to shut off the electronics and put away the work to give me a better sense of peace and relaxation before bed. Normally, I would run around town running errands like a mad woman after putting the kids to bed. Daddy would be home and it gave me time to run get B’s constant medicines and do the grocery shop and pick up anything else I needed but was a big task with three children in tow. I stopped doing all that. We have internet for a reason, convenience! Places like get medicine at The Independent Pharmacy and ordering online weekly shop, stops me from having to spend my evenings do errands. I can read a book, have a bath, watch a movie with Mr P. All these things help me be less frazzled and stressed out. I mentioned time management above but this goes along with working on my fashionable self too.

How do you care for your fashionable self?


made making

This week, I tried a few recipes off the Hello Fresh website. It’s nice to know I don’t always have to come up with ‘what’s for dinner” when I can pop over and pick something. This one was super easy to whip up for everyone. The kids loved it. Who doesn’t love Pork Steaks & Butternut Squash together?

Garlic Pork Steaks with Honey Roasted Butternut Squash by Hello Fresh

and lastly to share

We hit the pumpkin patch this week along with a corn maze and some animal fun too. It was baby boy’s first time picking out our pumpkins and he wasn’t impressed in the slightest. Lol It did make us laugh every time we sat him near a pumpkin he would put his lip out. Clearly not a Halloween fan. But the older two had a blast picking ones of for us all. Do check out the video above and we will be sharing more of our Halloween traditions and celebrations later in the week.

pumpkin patch

We are off to Marbella, Spain this weekend to see some lovely friends of ours. We have been going a few times a year since they moved there with their three beautiful kids. I can’t wait to see how much they have grown. I am hoping for some down time from work so the laptop is staying home and the camera unusually will be brought out only sporadically. I won’t totally hide it away as I wouldn’t want to not document our family fun but it’s a must needed weekend free. Hope you all are enjoying half term!


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12 thoughts on “Beauty, Working with Others, and Time Management”

  1. Oh your family shoot looks amazing!! Can’t wait to see more pictures. I absolutely hate being late but it is something I struggle with since having Alfie, 3 kids keep you busy don’t they!! The pork steaks and butternut looks yummy – I am always looking for some food inspiration. Have a great week!

  2. Those professional pictures are gorgeous Jenny, I love the one of the kids throwing the leaves, they look like they have been taken out of a magazine.
    Enjoy Marbella, can’t wait to see your pictures.

  3. What beautiful photos from your shoot! Sounds like you’re learning to look after yourself more. You certainly need to, you always seem to be rushing around at 100 miles an hour and you need a little time out for you. Have a wonderful time in Marbella, looks like you’ve missed the awful weather they had at the beginning of the week. I love seeing all your photos when you’re out there, reminds me of when we lived there. x

  4. Have an amazing time in Spain my lovely, that food looks so great and I will have to try those books they sound so good. Your family photos are so beautiful I bet you are thrilled with them x

  5. I completely agree about a skincare routine, I started mine at about 25 and try to religiously follow a similar routine. I’d recommend Green People they have some gorgeous products. No 7 too. All the usual too like water, sleep, exercise and a clean diet. No coffee after midday, lots of green or nettle tea. Gorgeous family shoot. Beautiful moments captured I’m sure. Have an amazing week in Spain x


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