The Best Cocktails from Around the World

Last updated on May 5th, 2024 at 03:15 pm

The temperatures are rising and the thirst is on. It’s spring time and a lovely time to pull the BBQ out and enjoy some new thirst quenching cocktails. The best cocktails that you didn’t know were so good from around the world!
It’s all about cocktails from around the world. Get other culture’s vibes and flavors mixed in your mouth this spring/summer. Why stick to the same old drink over and over? I know, I like to mix it up. When the time comes that we can have garden parties again, your friends will thank me for gathering these 10 cocktails together for you.

1. The Gimlet, England

After living in England for thirteen years, this is a new one for me. How did I not hear of a Gimlet? Have you? Well, this 19th century concoction clearly is a favorite if it’s been around that long. It’s one for the gin lovers.
Gimlet England Cocktail

2. Hemingway Special, Cuba

Ernst Hemingway was a known drinker but curiously he never drank while he wrote. This drink definitely has my name on it with all my favorite flavors bursting together in a daiquiri sort of way.

3. Pina Colada, Puerto Rico

We all know the infamous Piña Colada. It’s my mother’s favorite holiday drink. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for one right now. This might have to be this weekends cocktail. It’s pineapple flavor and smoothing texture is sure to keep you chilled on a warm day.

Pina Cola Puerto Rico

4. Rum Punch, The Bahamas

I have this on my list the next time I am in the Bahamas. I want to know if it taste as good as the ones I make at home. Sometimes there is nothing better than the real thing and I imagine this Rum Punch is one of those things.

5. Pisco Sour, Peru

These remind me of visiting the Canary Islands. Event though they hail from Peru they are popular all over the world. You really have to try them before you take judge them. If not, make them the next time you have a garden party, the color will draw in everyone as much as the taste.

6. Black Russian, Belgium

I have never had one of these but I am thinking because I prefer vodka over most spirits and I love coffee this might be a nice one to try next. I feel like it would be better as a dessert drink rather than one you pair with dinner. What do you think?

Black Russian Russia Cocktails

7. Peach Bellini, Venice

Oh we love Bellinis! Italy you did us proud creating such a sweet and delicious cocktail. This is probably the first cocktail I ever had and liked when I became an adult. Who am I kidding not quite there yet but nevertheless I love a good Bellini.

Peach Bellinis Italy Italian Cocktails
8. Moscow Mule, NY United States

It’s not just the fancy copper mugs we all want to take home when we order one of these, it’s that sweet ginger taste that sticks with you. Did you know, because it contains ginger beer, Moscow Mule is a type of buck, so it is often referred to as Vodka Buck. There is a fun fact for you to share the next time you share a Moscow Mule at home.

Moscow Mule New York USA
9. Sangria, Spain

Did you know you can choose between red, pink or white Sangria cocktails? Why not try them all? Obviously, not at the same time. But this refreshing cocktail from Spain is sure to make you feel like your on holiday right at home. At a time, we can’t go anywhere, try having a little taste of Spain with some Spanish dishes to go with it. Which one would you choose? I say, white for me!

Sangria Cocktail Spain
10. Caipiroska, Brazil

I love the pinch of brown sugar in this cocktail. I think it’s the hidden secret to the drink most people already enjoy with the vodka and lime combinations. I think would pair perfectly with fish for dinner!

Caipiroska Cocktail Recipe Brazil

You have the cocktail list now gets some amazing food recipes here to pair with your drinks. The Works has everything you need whether your Vegan or looking for that perfect slow cooker meal.

There is something satisfying about being able to whip up some amazing classic cocktails as much as it is some cocktails from around the world that most might not know of yet, all in the comfort of your home. Your partner will be impressed and you can practice getting just the right concoctions to wow your guests when we are out of lockdown.
Stay home! Stay safe!
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