10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Road Trips in Europe

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An old style car, a convertible, driving along a winding single track road with grass and flowers on either side. There is a "just married" sign on the back, and a bride and groom in the car.

Why not make your honeymoon a road trip in Europe? Who says you have to pick a well known destination and stay put? Absolutely no one! If you are adventurous and like to explore I think honeymoon road trips in Europe ARE far more romantic than a week in the Bahamas or a trip to even Paris unless of course you are driving around Paris!

Road trips bring so much more to your honeymoon than a stay put holiday. They also can bring some fun to your wedding registry if you plan ahead. Think of adding camping gear, DSLR cameras, travel books and/or luggage to your gift registry so you are set for your honeymoon road trip when it’s time!
So how do you plan the perfect honeymoon road trip in Europe? Well here are a few tips and a golden list of the most beautiful places Europe has to offer that you can choose from so you won’t get lost on where to go unless you necessarily want to that is!

Knowing you are planning a honeymoon, you would already have a budget. So with that set, it’s really all about where and what you will get up to there that’s in question.
First make some sound decisions on how long you want to be in the actual car and driving in between stops. Look at a few destinations that  you want to see that are close enough to do a multi-city road trip. Next decide if you are going to need a rental car or not? Perhaps splash out or plan a few splurges along the way, after all this is your honeymoon. But most importantly, don’t forget to document your adventures along the way with that new DSLR camera you got off your wedding registry. It’s a time in your life, you won’t want to forget.

It doesn’t take much to plan the perfect honeymoon road trip because all you really need is to pick a place and shut off from the rest of the world. It’s just about the two of you. It only matters what you both like to see and do.

With the summer wedding season coming up, Sandown Mercedes has asked me to share my top romantic honeymoon road trips in Europe. So I thought about all the places on my bucket list or places I have already been to and came up with a golden list for you.

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Europe Honeymoon Road Trip Destinations

1) Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como, Italy honeymoon road trips in europe

2) Capri & Positano, Italy
3) Côte d’Azur, France
4) Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

lake lucerne, switzerland. A lake in a beautiful setting with snow capped mountains in the background

5) Southern Dalmatia Coast, Croatia
6) Romantische Strasse, Germany

7) Almalfi Coast, Italy
8) Andalucia, Spain
9) Grossglockner Hohenalpenstrasse, Austria
10) Rondane, Norway

Which would you choose?

Having been to Lake Como, Italy, Cote d’Azur, France and Andalucia, Spain myself, I can highly recommend the most beautiful views along the coastlines. They are all beautiful places to seek the sun, beaches, sight seeing and woodland adventures. Each one holds, adventures to be experiences and romance beyond what you can imagine. You can do it on a small budget or splash out wildly on a big budget. They are places of grandeur and bursting with culture to soak up together.
A honeymoon is about creating that amazing bond as husband and wife. A time together you both will cherish and remember for always. It’s the start of your whole lives as a family of your own. A new journey in life starting with a journey together.

Why not have a honeymoon road trip in Europe and make it a journey that others are jealous of?

A view from the water up to some brightly coloured houses in Italy
Positano, Italy above*

* collaboration

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