The Ultimate Road Trip Planning Guide

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Going on road trips has become increasingly popular again, and for good reason. Road trips are a great way to see a country, or a few countries, all in one trip. You don’t just get to explore one location; you can include experiences like the Katla ice cave tour, see as many or as few as you like, and really tailor your trip to fit your needs.

That said, planning a road trip can sometimes be a bit of a daunting task – especially if you’re going to be going on a road trip with kids. I have created a road trip planning guide to help make the process smooth and easy for you. The articles below will help you with everything from choosing the right car to picking your road trip stops.

Choosing The Right Car For A Road Trip

Picking the right car to take on your road trip with you is important. If you are hiring a car then you need to make sure it fits your needs – it needs to be comfortable and fit your luggage, as well as having any other features you might want, such as sat-nav. Below are some tips on choosing the right car for your needs, as well as raising some things you might want to consider before committing.

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How To Choose The Right Family Car

If you’re thinking of taking a road trip as a family is your car up to the challenge? How to make sure your family car is the right one and fits your needs. Read More.

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Should You Lease Your Family Car?

Not sure if you should buy, rent or lease your car? Here is some information on leasing a family car and what it means for you. Read More.

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Ensure Your Used Car Is Safe To Drive: Steps To Consider Before Buying

Make sure you carry out these essential checks before you buy a used car. It will ensure your car is safe and ready to go as soon as you buy it. Read More.

Preparing Your Car For A Road Trip

Before every long trip there are some checks you should do on your car, and that is even more vital when you’re going on a road trip. You will be moving around for days on end, or even weeks, so your car needs to be in top condition. These tips will help you ensure your car is ready for a long journey, and hopefully keep you safe while you’re in the road.

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Keeping Your Car In Tip-Top Condition

It’s not cheap to buy or run a car, and if we’re going to get the best return on our investment, then we need to invest in the car’s overall health. Read More.

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Top 3 Safety Requirements For Every Road Trip

You can stay safe on the road with proper vehicle maintenance, seat belt usage, avoiding distracted driving, and planning. Read More.

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Prepare Your Car For A Stress-Free Summer Vacation

Using your car for a summer road trip gives you lots of flexibility, but what do you need to do to make sure your car is ready to go? Read More.

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What Makes A Car Safe For Road Trips?

Planning a family road trip? Travelling long distances with a kid does not have to be a complete nightmare; but, a few safety measures are essential for an enjoyable experience. Read More.

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5 Reasons To Never Use A Car Wash

car washes can cause more harm to your vehicle than good. From mineral deposits and acid-etching chemicals to those whipping brushes. Read More.

Road Trips With Kids

Road trips can be great fun with kids, but also very stressful. Keeping them entertained while you’re on the road and picking places they would like to visit can help things run smoothly and make sure everyone has a great time.

How Can I Travel Cheap With Kids?

We all know things seem to get a lot more expensive when there are kids involved, but a road trip with children can be a relatively inexpensive holiday. You can eliminate flights or train tickets by using your existing family car. Road trips are more about the travel and experience than the accommodation or facilities, so pick up cheaper hotels or stay in an air bnb for a night or two. Self catered accommodation allows you to make your own food so you can reduce the amount you spend on eating and drinking on the go. Make up a car picnic to take with your on your travels each day.

A child sitting in a car and looking at a tablet computer

5 Ways To Avoid Driving Distractions From Kids

It can be an adventure with multiple kids in the car but also extremely dangerous if you get too distracted by their actions or noises. Read More.

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9 Essential Tips For Planning Your First Family Road Trip

Planning your first family road trip can be quite exciting, but also filled with stress. You want to make sure you consider everything and that the holiday is perfect. Read More.

A map with 2 adult hands and 2 children's hands on it

Kid Friendly Places To Travel

There is nothing more special than being able to share the world with your own family and make your kids cultural. Read More.

What Is The Best Age To Take A Road Trip With Kids?

The beauty of children is that each age has it’s pros and cons and it’s always changing. Infants are often easy to travel with travel with as they will sleep in the car and they don’t have strong opinions on what activities they want to do at each location. However, they can get fussy when routines are messed around.

If you’re travelling with an infant check out the Doona Car Seat for a space saving way to pack a car seat and stroller in one

Toddlers and lower school age children are easily pleased when it comes to activities – a run around on a beach or in a park usually brings them no end of joy. But if you don’t get the in-car entertainment right you can have them whinging that they’re bored very quickly.

Tweens and teens can make great travel companions. Gone are the days or nursery rhymes in the car, you can listen to some good music and have a conversation together. They will have views on what you should be doing though, and be prepared to be reminded how uncool you are at any given moment.

Regardless of the age of the children when you travel it will be a wonderful experience for you all. The good times will outweigh the niggly moments, and they will learn so much from travelling with you. The best age to travel with kids doesn’t exist – they are all amazing in their own way.

Road Trips In Europe

Living in the UK we are perfectly located to take a road trip around Europe. Being able to take your own car makes things immediately more affordable and you won’t need a flight to get you to your starting point. We have so many incredible places to visit in Europe, so why not try some out?

A converatble with the top down driving through the countryside. There is a sign reading "just married" on the back, and a bride and groom in the seats

10 Most Romantic Honeymoon Road Trips In Europe

If you are adventurous and like to explore I think honeymoon road trips in Europe are far more romantic than a week in the Bahamas. Read More.

The back of a car open, with 2 sets of feet poling out and some suitcases

Preparing For Europe Road Trips Ahead

There are so amazing places you can road trip in Europe with views and scenic routes that will blow your mind. From the Ring of Kerry in Ireland to Route One in Iceland. Read More.

American Road Trip Ideas

Of course no road trip guide would be complete without tips for road trips in the USA. With such a huge country to cover most people will need more than one trip to get through it all. Each USA road trip can cover huge amounts land and let you see some amazing sites. Where would you travel first?

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West Coast Of America Road Trip

Our main trip was about driving up the West Coast of America and visit Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Read More.

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