Birthdays, Reading, and a Giveaway

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It’s the weekend again but during the summer months it feels like everyday is a weekend/work day for me. I work one day, go to the beach the next and back to work the next. When I am not working or playing I am helping my mom pack up our family home which has been harder than I thought. It feels weird that we won’t be in this house next summer. While it is really about being with family when we come I will miss this place so much.

Therefore, this year, we haven’t done as many days out and far away visiting like we normally do. I don’t want to miss out on time here. I am taking in every square inch of here with my kids. Watching them running and play in the yard, giggle in the playroom, cuddle Grandma in Papa’s armchair, coffee on the deck looking over the river, hot tub with champagne with my mom, and more. Things we won’t be able to do next year. We will follow her wherever she goes and we will make amazing memories too. But for this summer, it’s a slightly different kind of holiday one of sadness, reminiscing, and saying goodbye to the family home, goodbye to my Dad and all he built and goodbye to our mountain top summers on the river.

The kids have been amazing though while we are all running around cleaning, packing, organizing, crying, around them. They have stayed strong and understand more than we give them credit for or kids just adapt better. They are having a blast in Grandma’s pool and on the trampoline and our mini trips to the beach too. To them, it’s still a fun filled summer of swimming, treats, sandcastles and fun. That’s what it’s all about. Family quality time has felt so good. Baby is thriving and growing up so fast on me. He is trying to roll over, teething, drooling, finding his voice, loving his bath, trying to sit up (which is hilarious) and turned three months old last week. How time flies when we are busy having fun in America.


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I am almost done with Book One of Mortal Instruments called City of Bones. It’s a young adult series but perfect for holiday and keeping you turning the page. I like a book that has enough drama and suspense that you want to keep reading long into the night. It’s been a good series for when I am sat breastfeeding. My mom actually is the book ahead of me on this series and it’s been nice sharing the events as they unfold with each other. Something we haven’t ever done together and I am loving it.

Birthdays, Reading, and a Giveaway

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Sadly, I can’t get any of my videos to upload on youtube from the mountain so once again I am vlogless this summer. I have so much to share from our hometown adventures, to B’s beach birthday weekend and a few day in the life in America too. It’s so frustrating that even the next town I can’t get the videos to upload from my laptop to the imovies. It just buffers and takes hours. I am so spoiled with our fast wifi back in the UK. When I return I will have numerous vlogs to upload and catch up with you all. In the meantime, here is my youtube channel why not pop by and catch up on a few videos you haven’t seen yet.

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We started a new series for us called Designated Survivor. We are only a few episodes in but it definitely caught our attention. Although hubby and I agreed not to watch it while we are apart the next three weeks. There is a new season of Vampire Diaries. I know, old news, but I haven’t seen Season 5 and life on the mountain stops when the kids go to bed at 7pm so between reading and doing some work at night, I like to watch VD.

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I am still struggling with the last ten pounds of baby weight. I am on holiday in America after all. Let’s not even start on portion sizes here. Unbelievably wrong, my kids plate at the restaurant the other day could have fed me for a week. Sadly I have never turned down cleaning my plate so it’s not moving. But this week I am doing a bit of exercise before we pack up the gym at my parents’ house and trying to watch what I eat. I have had my fill of ice creams on the beach so no more of that. It’s about making better decisions rather than actual dieting and being miserable. Because I get hangry and its not pretty. I have found it harder dressing for summer and feeling pretty in swimwear and cover up this year having just had a baby. Note to self, have babies late summer so you can hide all winter in cozy knits. lol My daughter snaps this photo of me in front of the house by the river and while it’s not my favorite I do like the outfit. You can see more of my summer swimwear outfits here too.

Birthdays, Reading, and a Giveaway

Birthdays, Reading, and a Giveaway

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It was B’s seventh birthday this week. We made a huge effort to celebrate him before we went to my parents house as we knew we wouldn’t be putting together the annual double birthday party that we normally have in America. He was lucky this year to have his first school friends birthday party in the UK before we left and then a family beach party on his actual birthday here in America. I cant believe he is 7 years old now. It sounds so much older than six years old to me. It was small celebration but a special one. Seeing his face light up at his first birthday party with his friends made it worth it all.

A seventh birthday for my biggest boy party


and lastly to share


I have a lovely giveaway for you this week. Some gorgeous Maternity Pyjamas from Essential One. They have been a firm favorite of mine this pregnancy and for nursing/breastfeeding. I absolutely love my maternity pyjamas and still wear them all the time now. They are offering one lucky reader a SIZE MEDIUM NAVY MATERNITY PYJAMAS to win here. The material is the softest you will ever feel. I have to say as pyjamas go I don’t think you have to be pregnant or using for maternity/nursing to love these. I have them in grey and black and white too.

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4 thoughts on “Birthdays, Reading, and a Giveaway”

  1. Sounds like you’ve managed to find a good balance with your time. That book series is one of my favourites, my eldest daughter is just nearing the end of it now too. I wouldn’t worry about those last pounds as you look fit and healthy as you are but I know it’s how we feel ourselves despite what others tell us.

  2. Hello lovely, oh I am missing our chats and meet ups. You look AMAZING in that costume, I know you don’t feel it but sweetie you’ll be back to where you want to be soon. Take it easy this year has been tough x x

  3. You look amazing, I know you want to go to your pre pregnancy weight but you still look fab, I bet its sad packing up all those family memories but you will still make them next year my lovely just in a different place and then you will realise its about who rather than where. Enjoy the rest of your summer and happy birthday to B xxx


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