Your child’s toy, hand drawn as a forever keepsake

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Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait

Missy Moo has long been obsessed with a little jellycat stuffed animal called Darcy Duck, a friend bought it for her on her 1st birthday. Since then we have own six ducks and counting. Darcy has been with us to America and pretty much every family day out and errand run since. She has been through it all with Missy Moo and truly is her comforter when she is not well and needs a cuddle. Darcy Duck has photo bombed just about every Instagram photo of Missy Moo to date.

I have never seen a hand drawn toy portrait before but was so impressed when I teamed up with Jenny Causebrook Moss to make Missy Moo the best keepsake present ever. I was so excited to see what Missy Moo’s reaction would be when I showed her the drawing of her duck. I wondered if she would light up like she does when I hand her the real thing. Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait

I think her first reaction here was a bit perplexed. She couldn’t quite believe her duck was in a frame before her. But it didn’t take her long to be literally smiling from ear to ear and talking to her framed best friend Darcy! I was so pleased she loved it so much as I really do think it’s such a wonderful keepsake for parents as much as the child.

A child’s favorite toy can hold so many memories for them even if it’s a blanket. I still remember my baby blanket I used to drag around the house nonstop and my stuffed rainbow brite bear from the Care Bears too. They are precious memories to want to preserve forever.  Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait

Jenny is extremely talented. Her version of Darcy duck is impeccable. I only wish Missy Moo’s version of Darcy looks that good, this one has been through the wash a few dozen times already. Ooops. I would say when photographing toys if they are colored it’s very hard to match perfectly but Jenny did a brilliant job here. I am so pleased and so is Missy Moo and that’s all that matters. We will be hanging it on her wall later this week for us to look at time and time again. Jenny uses old fashion inks and paint to get a truly unique look. You really must look at other toys she has drawn they are gorgeous. Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait

I love that she kept pointing to it and asking me for reassurance that this was in fact Darcy Duck too! I really should have recorded her reaction because it was the highest pitch squeal in all the world. I think you can just tell her excitement from the look on her face below! Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait

I bought my frame from Hobbycraft for a fiver, A4 size. It matches the rest of the frames in Missy Moo’s room although she decided she wants her portrait to stay at the reading table for now so she can touch it whenever she wants. We will see about that lady! lol Hand Drawn Child's Favorite Toy Portrait Does your child have a favorite toy you want to keepsake for them or even for you? Do get in touch with Jenny she is so talented. It would also make a great gift for someone too!

* We were given a discount for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own.

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18 thoughts on “Your child’s toy, hand drawn as a forever keepsake”

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  2. These are such adorable pictures of Missy Moo Jenny! I love the idea of a commissioned picture of a favourite toy too – I’m not sure if my boys would end up with pictures of a pile of slightly grubby muzzies though! 🙂

  3. Aaah Jenny!! LOOK at her face!! You can see how much she loves her cuddly — and the fact she has a framed version is so precious! That’s something she’ll be able to keep and hand down to her own children when she’s a grown up. What a lovely keepsake! X #PoCoLo

    • It’s devastating isn’t it? They don’t stock or sell them I am afraid anymore, anywhere. We found out just when they got rid of the collection so bought two extras unfortunately we are holding tight to ragged ducks left but hoping not to lose any. Bless you. Wish I had better news for you.


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