Cleaning when it comes to a child with allergies

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When it comes to a child with allergies, life is never quiet. There is always something to watch out for, there is always something to double check, doctors appointments and in our house, there is always something to clean. Cleaning took on a whole new meaning when B kept suffering from asthma attacks as well as having allergic reactions to house dust. That pesky dust that just never seems to go away for us all. For B, we have to make sure our house is as anti-allergen as possible this means a lot of cleaning. It’s a good thing I don’t mind the process. We have been told to have as little as carpet in our house as possible so it’s mostly tile and hardwood floors which I actually prefer. It makes it easier to keep on top of the cleaning that is needed downstairs where B spend most of his time. We do have carpet upstairs but it gets vacuumed as much as I drink coffee! Spending a little time each day to stay on top of the cleaning, I was very excited to get involved with Philips for their new Anti-Allergens vacuum/mop range. 

If you have to clean as much as I do, trust me, a new vacuum is like winning the lottery. Or maybe I am just getting older and gadgets that make my life easier, excite me. First up, I was testing out the Philips PowerPro Aqua, 2 -1 vacuum and mop. I say, being able to vacuum and mop at the same time sold it for me. It is extremely light weight and the mop is easy to fill and pop on the back. The vacuum glides easily and you can quickly go from wood floor to carpet in just seconds and never stop the flow of getting the house cleaning done. It’s easy to empty out and clean. The BEST PART is it’s cordless! Battery last 40 minutes after a full charge. Bonus. No more plugging it into each socket from room to room. You can glide through the house with just a push of a button. Even though we live in a new build there are hardly any sockets where I need them. It used to take me forever to vacuum each room and don’t get me started on those stairs. Now, I can mop and vacuum at the same time and go room to room and this has cut down my cleaning time by more than fifty percent. Keeping allergens out as much as possible is a must for my son. I would highly recommend this even if you don’t have allergies in your house. The vacuum is so light weight and sits upright so you can have in the corner of any room ready to clean up the kids’ messes, quickly, easily, and with just a push of a button. 

Philips PowerPro Aqua Cleaning

Next up, is the Philips PowerPro Duo. This one is great if you have more carpet in your house but it does the same vacuum cleaning job as the one above minus the mop. Instead this handy 2-1 vacuum comes with a hand held vacuum for those stairs I was talking about before. You can go from carpet, to hardwood, to tiles, to stairs in one gliding motion as you can see below. This one is also extreme light weight and cordless. It’s the perfect size for the small amount of carpet we have in the bedrooms and the handheld vacuum isn’t just amazing for my stairs but it’s great when you have two toddlers like me constantly making a mess, dropping food, splitting cereal, spreading glitter and dried up playdoh around the house. Oh yes, this little guy is used numerous times a day. Most importantly, I can vacuum B’s bed cushions and stuffed animals in his room in seconds with the handheld which used to take me forever with the vacuum hose. I have to make sure his bedroom is free of dust any way I can. I am grateful to be able to clean our house in half the time, keep on top of those allergens and have more time to do other stuff like play with the kids. output_CIVCwJ

I would never rave about a product or item that I didn’t believe in or truly love here on LTM. I hope you all know that. I am sure as most of you are busy parents, cleaning the house all day is the last thing you want to spend your weekends or evenings doing. I couldn’t believe how much time I used to spend vacuuming than mopping and waiting for it to dry, each room in the house. Now, every night after dinner I can run my PowerPro Aqua through the entire downstairs while the kids put their plates in the dishwasher and know the cleaning is done. I couldn’t believe how much stains and grime it picked up. I don’t think my floors have every been this clean and I clean them everyday!  

If you have a lot of tile or hardwood in your house, I would suggest the PowerPro Aqua, and for those that have more carpet / throw rugs or a lot of stairs, I would suggest the PowerPro Duo. Both will make your life easier in when it comes to cleaning the house. Cordless, light weight, easily glides, two jobs in one; what’s not to love about both of these? Honestly, I think they are a little expensive but I can’t put a price on how much time I am saving for the amount of cleaning I have to do.

Philips PowerPro Aqua Duo cordless vacuum mop review cleaning

*We were sent these to test but all photos, opinions are my own. I would never recommend a product that I didn’t use and love myself. Both products are available at Amazon UK, just click their links above to buy.

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7 thoughts on “Cleaning when it comes to a child with allergies”

  1. I love my Dyson, as it mops and cleans at the same time, have you tried it? It is especially good with the cat hairs as well x

    • I have had numerous dyson in the pass after always having them service and cleaned out properly mine always seem to stop working than again I use my daily. Not knocking it they are great.

  2. We haven’t got to the bottom of it yet but I think Matthew might be allergic to dust too. I washed his curtains one day and 2 days in a row he stopped coughing. He does cough again now though. That might be down to all his crying from the weekend though because we started potty training.


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