Dreaming of your dream home

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Now, my Aunty always said get your head out of the clouds to me when I was growing up. This seems to be such a cliche from my generation of growing up. But I think it has changed in the last decade or so. What’s wrong with dreaming? To me, it’s a positive thing to strive for better, for more, for higher; no matter what it’s for. 

While it may never happen or could take thirty years from now, I am always dreaming of my dream home. I add little things here and there to my wish list and pin things to my pinterest board. You never know when you might win the lottery or not. I will be ready with ideas, color palettes, and designs. Everyone’s dream home comes in different shapes and styles too. 

When I was growing up I started a “dreaming box”. I decorated it with gallons of glitter and posted photos on the lid of the outside of my dream house, printed from the internet. This was the era before my Pinterest took over. I would spend hours pouring over home magazine (I know weird for an eight year old) and rip out pages that had designs or ideas I loved. At an early age I found a love for design, interiors and renovations too. My “dreaming box” quickly became about twenty boxes and all very full. At eight years old I thought all my dreams could fit in a shoe box. How naive I was. I loved to mix styles and color palettes up for a funky look. Funny enough I came across one of my “dreaming box” when I was home this summer and I had to laugh that at thirty odd years old I still have some of the same lusts for things like claw bath tubs, assorted walk-in closets and breakfast nooks.  Those home lusts have never changes after all these years. 

Dreaming of your dream home Laundry room dining room

8 tips on dreaming of your Dream Home:

  1. Organize your must haves and wants by using pinterest or three ring binder if you prefer.
  2. Sort by rooms, indoor and outdoor ideas.
  3. Start with how many bathrooms and bedrooms you want to include.
  4. Do you want to include office/gym/nursery/library?
  5. Make a section in your binder or a Pinterest board for each room.
  6. Look online, pour over home magazines, research other bloggers’ room tours.
  7. Never stop looking back at what you have chosen and rethinking it and adding and taking ideas back out.
  8. Picture your dream home in real life, would all your ideas flow together? What do you want the finished dream look to be?

Dreaming of your dream home Laundry room dining room

These are just a few of the things I think about when I am having a dreaming of my dream home moment. I often go back and think I love that dining table and love those chairs but they would never go together. What I try not to do is pin or save a thousand different tables. Try to envision your actual dream home, you would only have one table wouldn’t you? Or maybe a formal dining room and a breakfast nook, like me. I try to be realistic. Either way, its so fun to see what you come up with when dreaming of your dream home. 

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What would you put in your dream home? Would you have to have a HIS and HER office or even better a HIS and HER closet. I know I couldn’t live without the double sinks, no one likes to share sinks. Leave a comment or check out my Dream Home pinterest board above for inspiration and start building your ideas.

*In association with TSB, use a mortgage calculator and see what you can afford for your dream home. Mortgages don’t have to be complicated with a little help from TSB. Photo credit 1/2

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  1. I too love Pinterest for housing all my loves and lusts. If you watch some of the home design shows on tv then they always have a moodboard somewhere in them so why shouldn’t we.

    • I swearing I get lost in pinterest for hours and somehow lose all sense of everything when I am in its habits. So much inspiration and beautiful things and ideas galore. Heaven.


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