My Family of Five in May

Last updated on May 6th, 2024 at 09:58 am

We have completely had a whirlwind month. There hasn’t been a day or moment where we were all five together and able to snap us up. Life seems to be swapping who is taking what child to what competition or sports event. Who is having the baby while the other runs the other two to parties and wherever their social calendar has them scheduled. It’s been absolutely chaos.

We even have had a holiday break in Italy this month too but sadly Daddy couldn’t make it last minute with us either. Therefore our family photo this month is like every summer one with Daddy in spirit rather than in photo.

The kids had a great time running around Lake Garda despite the rain. We didn’t get the best break when the rain poured down for most of the week. But we didn’t let it dampen our style we got out in it and danced the night away. We have so much to share with you about our Italian travels.

Daddy is loving…

Looking forward to our cruise soon.

Setting up a new business.

Getting a week of the house to himself. Lol

Mommy is loving…

Lake Garda boat tour.

Moving forward with the house renovations.

Quality time with the kids on half term.

Buba is loving…

Swimming with friends in Italy.

Playing with his baby brother.

Riding rollercoasters at Gardaland.

Missy Moo is loving…

Camping for half term.

Drawing, doodling, and Coloring nonstop.

Racing on her bike.

Baby Owie is loving…


Walking holding my hand.

Walking holding Daddy’s hand. No one else’s.

Instead of Daddy we had Granny join us on our Italy adventures. So it was only apt that we share her in our Me and Mine this month. Always lovely to watch my kids bond with their Granny. We made some fab memories last week together.

That’s May gone and we have well moved into June. Somehow having three children we have been late with our posting. I will be there first to admit that running a business full time, raising three children, and running a house fully is a hard challenge. One of the baskets is always neglected slightly. If the house is spotless than the kids are dirty and wanting something. If all my work is up to date and emails actioned then the house is a disaster. Is there ever a time someone has it all together? Well, at least depending on the week I have 2 out of 3 mastered as long as I never neglect or fail all three. Lol

We have lots to celebrate coming up with two kids birthdays, a christening for Owie and then our first ever cruise.

6 thoughts on “My Family of Five in May”

  1. Ah I don’t know how you do it all Jenny.

    Missy Moo and Addy would get on so well. She is always drawing wherever we go, or reading.

    Lovely photos and here is to your little baby walking more and more

  2. Wow Jenny, busy month! I really don’t think there’s anyone out there who always has it ALL together – you aren’t alone! Your cruise sounds exciting 🙂 xx

  3. We had a whirlwind month of May too – it was mad! I’m sorry you had rain on your holiday – sounds like you all made the most of it anyway and how fab that your Mum was able to join you instead of P. Your kiddos will have such wonderful memories of her as they grow up. And nope, I never have it all together either. It’s usually the house that’s bottom of the list – I’d rather make sure everything to do with my girls and my work are sorted – but trying to sell out house at the moment means it has to be spotless all the time and it’s really, really hard! Hope June is a little quieter for you, that you get to spend time together as a five and that you manage to get some photos with P in too.

    • Thanks hunny yes it was great my mother in law could take his place and sometimes my mom gets to come too. I would love one day for them both to be on holiday with us. Good luck selling the house I know what you mean. I am forever cleaning.


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