{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #21

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Hi  big people! *big hand waves

My Mommy is out playing in the garden, AGAIN, thinking she is some Martha Stewart but she’s not. Shhh, don’t tell her. She likes to think she can do everything on her own. I beg to differ. So while she is making a mess in the backyard garden, I thought I would tell you what I have been up to. I have been being a good boy this week, I promise. *toe swivelling on the floor

I haven’t been pushing my sister over, as much. Maybe a little when she gets close to my new puzzles and tries to eat them. I don’t know why she does that, they don’t taste good. Trust me, I tried them myself. I would rather eat Mommy’s pasta dishes, and we all know I hate pasta!

funny#21Normally, I call my sister Missy Moo, as that’s what Mommy and Daddy call her but lately I like to comfort her when she is upset by calling her flower, and sweetie. Sometimes it really does the trick. Mommy always thinks she is the funny one but it’s really me who gets Missy Moo laughing again, especially when I pretend to fall over, play peekaboo with her, or run my cars off the entertainment center. The last one, Mommy isn’t so keen about but it makes my sister laugh so hard and loud, how could I not continue to do it, long after she tells me to stop!

Even though I like to make her laugh, she always wants to do what I want to do. Sometimes I just want my space. So while playing with my train set the other night, I told her quietly, “Missy Moo go find your own toys and play” so Mommy couldn’t hear. My sister didn’t listen, she continued to crawl on top of my train tracks making them come a part. I guess she doesn’t hear my whispers so I had to shout, maybe she was hard of hearing? “Don’t touch my train sister!” She finally looked at me. That got her attention. You know what she did next. She laughed at me and continued to trample it. I guess it’s not just her hearing that is bad, it’s her listening skills too. Mommy really should have a word.

But overall I have been a really good boy, see I told you. I didn’t itch my chicken pox like Mommy and Daddy told me not too. I have been going on that silly potty they have in the living room like a good boy. So I was excited to get a new puzzle for my reward of good behavior until I realized it’s just Mommy and Daddy way of trying to challenge my brain and make me learn new skills. They tricked me!  But as any smart kid, I don’t let them on that I am not a dog they can train, because I secretly love doing these fun puzzles with all my favorite tv characters on them. Sometimes I even pretend to take my time with one so I don’t have to go eat my dinner. They let me finish it because they think it’s good to complete something and then put it away. Silly them, I could do these all in minutes. So I stall, I pretend to look puzzled while really watching Jake & the Neverland Pirates on tv in the background. Then when I know I can’t stall anymore I shout, “I did it! I a good boy” and just to reassure the parents they are doing a good job, I point to the puzzle and say,”I love it”. They really are so easily pleased! Silly parents.

Not only has Mommy been making a huge mess in the backyard garden. (see even she has me confused with what words to use in which country) but she also has been making a mess in the kitchen. She thinks she can cook. She clearly hasn’t got the hint that I hint every night when I refuse to eat what’s in front of me. But I don’t want to hurt her feelings so last night while she was in the kitchen forever, I thought I would make her smile. I ran in and just to make sure she heard me over that noisy blender, I shouted, “You made my favorite dinner Mommy!” having no clue what she was actually making. When it turned out she was making one of her disgusting green smoothies, I thought to myself thank goodness she isn’t trying to feed me that gunk! I wonder if she will turn green soon. Then I asked her, “hey where’s my dinner?” Not sure why that didn’t make her smile.

It’s been nice talking to you all and sharing what a good boy I really am. I know Mommy is always saying I am a testy toddler, but now you know the truth. Just to put the record straight. Right, off to see if Mommy needs some big boy help. I have been helping her with her backyard garden mess and trying to tell her that she is doing the garden wrong. I want to be there to say, “I told you so!”


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17 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #21”

    • Ahh thank you ever so much. I appreciate that. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. And for the congrats. I am still floating around in lalala land at the moment over it. 😉 Hope to see you again soon.

  1. Heheh I love how cute they are trying to cheer each other up. GG can bicker all day with The Bug, but when he’s upset she totally knows how to switch on the giggle-making show 🙂
    Thanks for the reminder this week!

  2. So cute! Your two sound similar to mine in that my eldest is always trying to comfort my youngest if he’s crying, calling him sweetie and such like and making him laugh 🙂 #wotsofunee

  3. Lovely, I think you’ve got a great insight into your little man’s mind 🙂 The battle with food goes on, and on… Especially as they seem to change their minds on a regular basis as to what they will eat! No one can make the wee girl laugh as hard as her brothers can, a wonderful thing to watch x

    • Glad I am not the only one Sara. Yes that’s just it people keep saying why fight with him if you know he likes something just give it to him until he will eat something else. I keep explaining one day spaghetti will be his favorite and the next he won’t touch it. It’s a never ending battle. So true I can’t make Missy Moo smile or laugh like her brother can. its’ amazing to listen to them together.

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  5. Ha ha i have exactly the same struggles here! The baby is always trying to eat jigsaw pieces and crawl over the trainset – i get it’s annoying for them but what can you do!?
    They sound like they can be very cute together though – unlike mine!
    Now get back to your backyard! xxx

    • hahaha katie you crack me up. I was in my backyard for 5 hours today. I feel like someone ran me over didn’t think they did a good enough job and reversed and tried again a few more times just to be sure. Yes what can you do. I just tell him to suck it up and Missy Moo to spit it out! lol


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