Oasis Dental Care Sticker Challenge Review

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Caring for our teeth is very important so when I had kids I wanted to make sure I not only stayed on top of brushing their teeth but teach them that they need to look after their teeth even at their young age. I never knew there were products on the market for babies’ teeth until my first born, Buba got two teeth at 17 weeks and two more a few weeks later. After that they came in like wild fire. I knew I needed to start cleaning them especially because he was having real food and not just a bottle anymore.

I will be the first to admit it’s hard to remember to brush my teeth, Buba’s teeth, and Missy Moo’s every single morning and night. There have been mornings or nights forgotten and a brush that was more closer to lunchtime when my brain started to catch up with itself. Therefore I was ever so excited to team up with Oasis Dental Care to test out there new Sticker Chart Challenge.

Not only did I think it would help me remember to brush all our teeth both morning and night but it would get my kids more excited about brushing and learning about dental care!

BubasOasisChallengeOne package arrived for Buba, for his sticker chart challenge. He was so excited to get a package just for him. He opened it with glee. And if the awesome cars weren’t cool enough he actually was so excited to put those vibrant coloured stickers on the rabbits teeth already. After explaining that he has to brush his teeth first then put a sticker on the day and time he brushed, to keep track of his dental care, he immediately ripped that toothbrush right out of the package and had it in his mouth. Anything for a sticker reward!!!

missyoasischallengeThen came Missy Moo’s own sticker chart challenge package. After Buba assisted to help her open her box, he was puzzled why she didn’t have a tooth brush too. I was ever intrigued on the creative Baby dental wipes before me. What a clever idea! I explain to Buba these are to clean Missy Moo’s teeth and keep her mouth healthy. I showed her the rabbit for Week 1 and she clapped and had a big smile on her face. I took that as excitement for her new challenge.

TeethToolsBuba was impressed with the toothbrush as it was easier to grip than the one I had bought him. We had just bought him a stool so he could stand at the sink and brush his teeth looking in the mirror to make sure he got all those white peggies in the back. The toothbrush is 0-3 years of age, so it’s just a preference in the early days how you want to clean your child’s teeth.

The dental wipes for Missy Moo were great. So easy to slip on your pointer finger and wipe the front and back of her teeth. A lot easier to use than a toothbrush that she usually just chews on. Be careful if you have a biter like Missy Moo. She will chew anything and has caught me a few times. I am slowly teaching her to say, AHHH. lol The wipes are for ages 0-16 months so use what you prefer a toothbrush above or these until 16 months old.

SetupBathroomI had my tools and I was ready to set up our bathroom so that it was ready to take on our sticker chart challenge. I taped the Week 1 rabbit to the door at their height so they could easily place a sticker on it, after they had brushed. I set up the left side of the sink for Buba with his new toothbrush and toothpaste and the right side for Missy Moo. As you can see here we are almost done with week 2 that’s why you see the monkey chart hanging up. ChartsTeethThe charts are so cute and a creative way to get a child’s attention using a rabbit, a monkey, a bear, and a cat. Buba is so excited everytime we finish one week and he gets to help Mommy hang the next animal. I haven’t showed him all of them to make each week a surprise. We take a minute to play a little guessing game before I reveal the animal. He loves it. And it gets him even more excited about his sticker charts. Not that he needs anymore incentives.

The setup is very simple. Each top tooth is AM and each bottom tooth is PM and in the middle of the smile it says MON – SUN and ALL. You place a sticker in the morning on that day’s tooth and a sticker on the bottom for that same day tooth. Tada, that’s your sticker chart in a nutshell.

BubaBrushingEvery morning after breakfast Buba now says, “we brush our teeth now Mommy and then I get sticker!” He is always quick to fall into a routine. Buba is a very independent kid when it comes to brushing his teeth. He likes to look in the mirror and even attempts to look at what his toothbrush is doing while in his mouth. I let him have a few minutes brushing and then I give it one last scrub down just in case he missed those back pearls. Then he proudly opens his mouth wide showing me they are all clean so he can put a sticker on his chart. He loves picking a different colour of sticker every day for a different tooth on his chart. Then giggles at his colourful chart. It’s a perfect morning routine of ours now. MissyMooBrushing Buba then shouts, it’s Missy Moo’s turn. I open one of the dental wipes and slip it on my clean finger. I always show her what I am have on my finger first or she will chomp the day lights off my finger. Like her brother she has to do the same thing every time and point her pointer to my pointer. It’s so cute. Then I scrub her little five peggies and around her gums. She doesn’t mind and it’s easier for me to use then it was with her toothbrush. I think until she is closer to 12 months this is the way to go to clean her teeth for me.

I am ever so impressed with the Oasis Dental Care Sticker Chart Challenge. I will be keeping the charts and adding stickers on top of the others to continue on our path to having a family full of clean healthy teeth!

* I was sent these for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photos are my own. 

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  1. What a great idea, my little man goes through phases when he will happily spend 20 minutes brushing his teeth and then won’t be interested for a day or two and I have to almost force him. I may have to look into getting him this x

  2. What a fabulous idea I really love the idea of the reward charts and the bit you pop on your finger I would have loved this when the boys were little my eldest has just started playing up a teeth brushing time so I must look into this great review Jenny xx


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