{Funny Phrases} #31

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I knew my Dad and son would be two peas in a pod with their love for cars but I never expected that Buba’s love for cars could get any bigger than it already is. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

My Dad rebuilds old cars and when my Uncle Mike joined us at my parents with this hot rod, Buba was in pure car heaven. They were everywhere. Buba’s car vocabulary has grown exponentially too! Now, all I hear all day long is car this and car that and “lets go see the cars!” 

The one thing that tickled me the most was when my uncle parked his Dodge on the grass and Buba ran up and said, “I want to see under the hood!” How he knew that’s what he should say and that there was anything under that hood to look at, I will never know but it had us all in fits of laughter. He stood there attempting to pry it open himself while we laughed around him. 

To my Dad’s complete pride, Buba is running around screeching at the top of his lungs, “Cars are my life!” I think I have the next Nascar champion upon me.

So the last two weeks have been full of car chatter…

“I need my hot rods.”

“I can’t eat without my hot rods.”

“Let’s park the cars first please.” then he can sleep

“Papa can touch my cars, not you Mommy.”

“Open the hood again.”

“I need to see inside again.”

“Check out all these cars.”

“I got cars and hot rods Mommy.”

“Say goodnight to my cars, they sleeping in the garage.”

“My cars sleep in the garage, I sleep in my bed.”

“My cars eat breakfast with me.”

“Should we wash my cars too?” after taking a bath

I really don’t think the car chatter is going to go away anytime soon, you know because “cars are his life” and all. lol 


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    • I know they were snuggly when he was a baby too. It always has been an instant bond between them which is so amazing for me to see. But now my Dad is even more impressed with his love for cars. They will continue to share this interest and grow so close I think as Buba gets older.

  1. Ah Jenny, this is too cute!! Bear is also a car enthusiast….& it’s almost like its a ‘built in’ mechanism-i’ve never really ‘pushed’ him into cars, its been something he’s always loved! I’m sure once his language develops more, we’ll have these funny phrases to look forward to also!! 🙂

    • Me too, we still don’t know the exact day it came into Buba’s life but man did it become his own LOVE without us ever buying him any until the obsession was already in tact. Funny I agree it’s a built in mechanism for sure.

    • I know me too as soon as my uncle drove up in it I thought it reminds me of Dukes of Hazzard. I think we all are going to miss being here so very much. We have had so many adventures already and still a month to go. I am really loving being home for the summer. Hope we get the chance to do it every year. Summers in the USA are amazing.

    • I don’t think I have ever met a child quite as obsessed with cars as Buba but hopefully it’s just a phase. I always know how to get him to do what I want bribe him with a car! lol Bad mummy I know.

    • Totally, he takes them everywhere, in the bath, at the table, sitting with him while he watches tv, tucks them in at night, everywhere. I have no idea where this love came from for cars but it’s not going away anytime soon.

    • Ahhh I love that it’s the same for you but with loom bands. I keep hearing all about these new craze loom bands. I might have to check them out so I am in with the kids! lol haha I will never be cool. Thanks for hosting #wotsofunee

  2. How cute! My boys were and still are this way about sports. I’ve definitely learned more about sports than I ever thought I’d want to know from them. I’m sure you’ll do the same with cars! 🙂

    • I know they really are best buds now bonding over the car love. I can’t wait to see when he is older and really understands about cars how they will bond.

  3. It’s lovely that your dad and son are getting along so well and they already have shared interests. Seeing glimpses of what interests your child is always a wonderful insight into what they might become.

    • Ahhh Thanks Nikki for stopping by and the lovely comment. He is so entertaining at the moment too. I love it. “cars really are his life” at the moment.

  4. aww how cute! My son is just as obsessed with trains, they’re all he thinks about and they go in the bath with him (much to my horror as they cost loads and will prob rust!) It’s been in full force for a year now and showing no signs of going away!
    Also love the bond/relationship that your little man and dad have built up, that’s so special 🙂

    • Thank you so much Michaela! That’s exactly how it is here for sure. In the bath, while traveling, on the way to nursery, to the grocery store, and everywhere in between.


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