Tefal’s new Infiny Press Juicer

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I am very excited to give my followers the chance to WIN Tefal’s newest product the Infiny Press Juicer! Back in January, I made a new year’s resolution that I would be healthier and exercise more. Each month I set out plans of better ways to improve this resolution and find things to add to my diet or my routine that will benefit me and my family, health wise. So far, I have done really good.

If you have followed LTM long you will even know I am a HUGE fan of homemade smoothies and juices. I have been dying to jump on the juicing frenzy even more but wasn’t sure where to start.

Tefal is a trusted brand in our house and when I heard they have a new Infiny Press Juicer out, I got all excited to have the opportunity to share it with you and also give you the chance to WIN your very own too! 

Watch the video and answer the question below to enter. Don’t forget to fill in your name and email so they can contact you if you WIN! Good luck! 


Most blenders chop and puree fruits and vegetables harshly which take away nutrients and flavor but the Infiny Press Juicer has slowly rotating screw mechanisms that press the fruit, vegetables, and herbs gently providing you with the very best of them.

I was happy to hear that noise was taken into account too as my kids are petrified of blender noises and each morning when I make my smoothie or juice in the blender I feel guilty getting them all upset over the noise. Its definitely something I will be considering when I buy a juicer.

The Infiny Press Juicer comes with two stainless steel filters too, providing more texture and taste options which I thought was also impressive. Sometimes things call for more texture than just grainy flavored water.

– orange filter is for juices and smoothies
– pink filter is for coulis and sauces

I think I was even more ecstatic to hear its great for coulis and sauces too! I am really getting into my cooking and sharing recipes with all of you and coulis and sauces are definitely on my list to master. Having a machine to help me with the process would be great.

Check out these recipes to get your creative juices flowing, literally! I was drooling and wanting my own Infiny Press Juicer right away!
tangysweetandsourcoulisorientalperfumeThat was just a little sample of the amazing things you can creative and make from the Infiny Press Juicer. I like a machine that can be versatile, cleans up easy and easy to store. What’s not to love about it? 


Infiny Press Juicer gives you…

30% more juice

35% more vitamin c

75% more antioxidants

With juices in the store being slated for their high sugar content and non-fresh taste, why not make them yourself at home. Did you know that the best nutrients in smoothies and juices are in the first 15 minutes after juicing. You can’t get that with store bought juice. 

infiny press juicer

Here are 18 more reasons to buy the Tefal’s Infiny Press Juicer! How tasty do these look? I am impressed, are you? Don’t forget to get to enter to WIN and share!

* I was not sent anything for this post, my opinions on what is ideal for a juicer are my own and recipes and video were sent to me by Tefal for the purpose of this giveaway.

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