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Buba you sweet soul, you are showing more of a gentle and softer side of yourself this week. You know Mommy has been really sick and you blow me away with the little kind words you have been saying to me. Covering me up with your favorite blankies and telling me you will take care of me. At 3 years old you understand more than I give you credit. As I lay their coughing my head off you stroked my head and told me it will all be alright. It almost made me cry knowing you could be so gentle and loving. I am constantly saying to you, “we are raising a gentleman” and this is what gentlemen do. You still continue to be a normal three year old whiny toddler and say funny phrases that have us all belly laughing too. I love watching you from a far at the moment and see you watching the world go by and what you make of it all. You are always so intrigued to know what this is or that or how something works. I love that about you.

childhood portraits photography milestones


Missy Moo, my littlest one, you have been sick with Mommy this week. Both sharing our fevers, coughing fits, and shakes together. There have been long hours of couch cuddling going on. I feel like a horrible mother these past two week I thought you were up at night screaming because you no longer could suck your thumb and it turns out you have two severe ear infections and a chest infection. A few days of your first ever antibiotics you were back to being my sleeping beauty. No screams in the night. If only I had known earlier you wouldn’t have had to suffer so long. Lesson learned. It amazes me how you continue to smile through your coughing and fevers. I swear you see the positive and happiness in everything. You are my calm relaxed one. You have grown up so much lately. I think it’s now that you finally have more hair it makes you look older too. You have a new love for carrying a handbag on your arm like a little old lady. You love turning your music up on your Fisher Price chair and dancing about the living room. You are one strong cookie too. Your brother pushed you today and you split your lip open and the tears didn’t last long nor did your grudge on your brother. You went straight back to playing with him and laughing. You continue to give me a heart attack daily with your climbing and throwing things that are twice your size and breakable in the air. My little demolition baby is what we are calling you at the moment but a very beautiful, cuddly demolition baby at that.

childhood portraits photography milestoneschildhood portraits photography milestonesthem

Even though I am very close to my own siblings, I still sit and watch you both in awe. I am in awe of the relationship that was just so naturally there right from the start. I am in awe of the sweetness you both can show each others with your constant kisses and hugs. I am in awe of your quiet moments sat at the couch looking out the window as cars go by. I wonder what you might be whispering about but I stay out of it. Those are your moments together and I let you have them. I may snap a few photos to remember the looks on your faces or your intriguing fingers pointing out the window at whatever it is you both have spotted. You both now sit on your tripp trapp highchairs at the table together, across the table from one another. The giggles and food sharing have commenced. It’s so great to have everyone at the table as one whole family! As you both continue to grow and hit milestones I continue to be in awe of it all along the way

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  1. They are so sweet together Jenny and sounds like their relationship is blooming beautifully. I too have an amazing relationship with my siblings but like you, still sit in awe when i see my boys together. Sorry to hear you and Missy Moo have been feeling unwell, hope you’re both better now? xxx

    • Thanks my lovely. It’s a really nasty cold and I just can’t stop coughing. Every few seconds its like a cough fit. Ribs are aching now. Got me good this year. I know isn’t it funny how different it is being the one watching the sibling relationship not in it.

    • Oh thanks babes so sweet of you. You should have hollered. I had so much cough syrup and medicine my head was spinning. Lol hope i feel better soon. This one is nasty cold. Sorry yall had it too. Not fun.

  2. Gorgeous photos Jenny. It is truely scary how quickly time is passing by but that the bond between babes is growing stronger. I love seeing the partner in crime bond with my two babes, a duo up to mischief, fun and love together. Priceless moments x
    ps do try vicks on your feet, warm wooly socks and a hot water bottle also drink hot brown lemonade with a couple of patacetamol. Works wonders. Take care x

    • Oh fantastic sick tips Nicola i am off to get those things. I will try anything. Cant breathe or stop coughing. Nightmare at the moment. Thanks fod your lovely comment too.


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