Netflix Date Night: Series v.s. Movies

Last updated on March 4th, 2024 at 08:13 pm

When it comes to date night for me and my husband, we can get into a little bit of a Netflix routine. We pop our popcorn, grab our hot drinks and head for the sofa to turn on the next episode of whatever Netflix series we are deeply in love with at the time. Usually we start a series far beyond the hype and popularity of a show so there are usually between 6 to 8 seasons waiting for us to indulge in. This works for our date nights. We finish a series and move onto the next one…let’s face it our Netflix series list is endless. However, lately we have been trying to mix it up. 

Yes, we have romantic dinners out or go to the movies or even just go for a walk on our date nights. They aren’t all sofa sitting and Netflix binging…ok, well some aren’t but when we do binge on Netflix for our date nights we love it. We just came to the end of Sons of Anarchy and thought why don’t we watch a movie for our next date night in. We don’t really watch our tv or have movie channels so Netflix is great for that. We have been alternating now between our favorite tv shows and movie choices on our date nights. Sometimes watching episode after episode of 7 seasons can be amazing or it can make you not like a show. We felt we were getting boring in our old age. I really was impressed with the movie selection as we haven’t seen a lot of them. 

So our new Netflix date nights in are Series v.s. Movies. We toss a coin and see where the coin and Netflix take us. I really think they need to make Netflix coins to choose genres for us though. It’s sometimes hard to make a decision. Here are the last five series and movies we have watched so far…

Netflix Date Night Series v.s. Movies


Suits v.s. Lucy

House of Cards v.s. Bounty Hunter

Vampire Diaries v.s. The Butterfly Effect

Sons of Anarchy v.s. X + Y 

Stranger Things v.s. Just Go With It

What do you watch on Netflix? Do you have a date night in routine? What are your thoughts on binge watching season after season or alternating between series and movies?  What’s your favorite series and movies on Netflix? Please comment below, I am always looking to add to my list to watch. 

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you just have to know what happens in the next episode – six episodes later and it’s a great night of cuddling on the couch and sharing what you think will happen next. Other times, it’s good to just watch a movie and know the ending and talking about the movie afterwards. Either way, I love date nights in as much as I love date nights out with my husband. I think it’s so important for us to give each other the special attention we deserve. After all the rest of the time that all goes to the kids, house, work, and ourselves. 

4 thoughts on “Netflix Date Night: Series v.s. Movies”

  1. When it comes to watching a TV series together it can be tricky as we’ve usually watched a lot of them already either on our own or together previously. I love it when something new comes up though, like Stranger Things. We were absolutely glued to that programme and cannot wait for season 2 xx

    • Yes so true, sometimes Mr P isn’t always around and I am dying to keep watching whatever series we are on. Or he doesn’t necessarily like the series (like Pretty Little Liars) so I am on my own. But we have a whole list of what’s great for us individually and what’s amazing together. I love that. We haven’t started Stranger Things definitely on my list now though. 🙂

  2. We tend to do movies at the weekend (when we can afford to stay up a little bit later) and watch series during the week. I am a series girl though if I had to pick, I just love properly delving into a world, knowing there’s lots more episodes to follow, rather than just 2 hours of movie and then that’s it.


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