New books, MAD Blog Awards, and Mode Media chaos #littleloves

Last updated on November 19th, 2023 at 12:34 am

The weekend has arrived and it’s been a very anticipating arrival for me as it’s the weekend of the 2016 MAD Blog Awards. For those that don’t know it, it’s awards for the Mum & Dad Bloggers of the UK. This year, I am so honored to be a finalist for Best Schooldays Blog and Best Lifestyle Blog. Those titles are a great description of this space and the things I am passionate about sharing here on LTM. I am so grateful to be along side so many other fantastic writers for a great evening out. I am mostly looking forward to seeing friends and having an adult night out if I am honest. After six weeks of only one day apart from the kiddos I am ready to doing something only adults can do. Have a drink, fine dining and chatter with close friends I haven’t seen in a while without interruptions. Selfish of me, I know. Wish me luck. I hope you will join on twitter and ig stories and see how the night plays out for some many of our favorite bloggers. I am very excited. 

We are back to school routines, classes are in order and I am once again a taxi mom. Jetlag is long behind us and we are all starting to feel a little normal again. It’s been the longest jetlag struggle I have dealt with in the nine years living here especially the kids. But so worth it to have our summers back home. We are settling back into our own beds, our own rooms, and the kids have fallen in love with their old toys all over again. No need for Santa for us, they feel like they haven’t seen they toys in a decade instead of a few weeks. hahaha 

Appleyard London peonies faux centerpiece #littleloves


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I have been finishing Pretty Is that I started before I left for America. I am only half way through it but it’s definitely a page turner if you like a thriller. I also bought this series yesterday at Tesco as they were on sale. Me Before You and After You the sequel by JoJo Moyes. Has anyone read these yet? They were recommended to me by a friend. Would love to know what I am jumping into …boring or page turners?


#littleloves titles

I guess, it’s slightly cheating each week when I don’t fill this space with music that I am listening to at the moment. I tried that. I am a country music girl all the way and so I will refrain from constantly sharing music that doesn’t even play in this country. 🙂

This is the place, I normally announce stuff in a “have you heard” kind of way. So have you heard the bad news…

Mode Media shut down.

Need I say more? I am devastated. The company that was my main income each month. The one that brought campaigns to me over and over again, are no more. I don’t really know what to do with it at the moment. Not only do they owe me a huge chunk of money still to which I will never see again but my recurring projects have now stopped. So if you know any brands, companies, agents that want to work with a blogger like me shout out please. I am sure like the rest of us, I will have to start at the bottom again. It’s back to scrambling for jobs or I will have to go out and get a different job. I have this bad pit in my stomach over it all. But on the plus side, at least they paid me most of what I was owed last month so I will feel grateful that it could have been a lot worse. 

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I never thought very much about watching the Vampire Diaries. I know I am years behind the craze which is normal for me. The other day I had caught up on all the Pretty Little Liars episodes and Nashville is back on and I am all brushed up on what is going down in country town. I stumbled across a trailer for VD and thought I will see what the first episode is like. Ok, I won’t lie I am hooked. I have plenty of seasons to feed my new obsession too. I find it hard to work, read, and do house work when the next episode is just sitting there waiting for me to watch it. Dang you, Netflix. So I do the laundry, read my emails and attempt to give myself a half hour of reading before bed each night so I don’t get sucked in. But I have to admit fully liking a weekend episode binge of it at the moment. Anyone watched it?  I hope the other seasons are just as good as the first. It’s very Twilight, if you like that sort of super natural drama. 

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I did bake this week. I was back in the kitchen playing again. This time, I was babysitting my friend’s kids so I can’t share any fun photos we took but it was lovely to get other kids excited about being in the kitchen and baking things. My two were at school so it felt a bit strange not having them there to join in. But we made the most of it and created some banana raisin muffins for a treat they could take home with them and share. 

But don’t worry the few weeks leading up to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas …I have a whole collection of scrumptious recipes to share with you. I can’t wait so watch this space. 

#littleloves titlesOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This week, we have had a mixture of the craziest weather I have seen in the UK all in one week. It doesn’t know whether it’s hot, cold, rainy, windy, thundering, and the lightening is the brightest and biggest I have ever seen. Trust me, we have some good storms back home too. It was like a strobe light going off and on all night the other night. I keep leaving the house in flipflops and a dress to only get caught on the school pickup in a complete down pour of rain. Or I leave with jeans and a sweater on and half way through the day, shorts and a tshirt are pulled on. I think it just needs to make up it’s mind so we know what to wear. But Wednesday I made the most of the hot forecast and pulled out a dress I rarely get a chance to wear. It’s not one for America as the cutout shoulders give you a funny tan line and the long sleeve do get hot. You need bare arms in America for summer. But here every once in a while on a warmer day than usually I get to pull this beauty on. It flows and I just love the pattern on it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


#littleloves titles

This week’s favorite features on my hashtag instagram community called #lifecloseup created a beautiful vibrant grid. I am so grateful for everyone joining in and sharing their zoomed in captures of life. I love each and everyone of them. I am always trying to share new feeds to follow and connect with. So if you haven’t already come join me. 


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9 thoughts on “New books, MAD Blog Awards, and Mode Media chaos #littleloves”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your round up. I hope the MADS were kind to you? Such a worry for you about one of your best clients shutting down. I hate to hear about businesses closing – it seems to happen too much these days. Anyway, I feel like I should apologise for the crazy British weather, but if it means you get to wear such really beautiful dresses, then it can’t be all that bad I guess? #LittleLoves

    • I agree it’s constantly changing and happening in businesses so sad. People work hard to take their ideas to the next step. I wish they all could prosper. No it’s not too bad at the moment. Not ready for winter which I feel is coming quick and will be upon us in no time. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Firstly HUGE congratulations on your MADS win!! So pleased for you and well deserved!! So sorry to hear about Mode Media shutting down, hopefully it won’t take you long to pick up more work! The weather has been crazy hasn’t it?! We had 30 degree heat midweek and then a chilly rainy day towards the end of last week, madness!! Hope your having a wonderful week xx

    • Thank you ever so much for your lovely compliments hunny means the world to me. I can’t believe it still, over the moon. Mode situation sucks I won’t lie. But I am looking past it and down other avenues. The weather has been absolutely crazy at the moment.

  3. Congrats on your MAD Awards winner-so well deserved! I love reading your blog and love that people can really make a living from sharing some inspirational posts. Such shame to hear that you are now in a state of worry. Running your own business can be amazing but can really suck sometimes. I have been doing it for nearly 10 years and sometimes i seriously wonder what i am doing. I have read the Jojo Moyes books and loved them both-i know the first one seems to have got better reviews than the second but both were page turners for me-enjoy! x

    • Oh that’s exciting I love a good page turner too. Thanks lovely for the heads up on them. I will have to dive in soon. Thank you on the MADS I truly can’t believe it. Blogging is a funny old world of ups and downs. When you think people aren’t reading because your stats are plunging it’s disheartening for sure so it came at the best time to cheer me up and motivate me to get back to working as hard as I possible can.

  4. Congratulations on the awards! Commiserations on mode media, good that you are not owed too much though. I have never come across them before, so feel like I have both missed out and lucked out at the same time.

    I was recommended Me Before You too, I did enjoy it, but I heard so much about how great it was, that it did disappoint a little. I think once something is bigged up you have greater expectations. It is good though, don’t let me put you off!

    Love the shot of you in your dress with the flowers… and you say you need practice! Pah! Lol xxx

  5. I got hooked on VDs too after trying to resist for the longest time – and it was great… until I really fell out of love with it after about series 4. I know it’s insane to say it got too far fetched – but it did. Ha ha.
    Gorgeous life up close feed xXx

  6. So frustrating about Mode isn’t it? I’m so relieved that I wasn’t owed anything by them.
    So so happy for you with your award, very well deserved.
    What have you done to me with recommending Vampire Diaries, I am HOOKED! xx


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