{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #24

Last updated on November 16th, 2023 at 05:43 pm

funnyphrasedayfridayI hate as summer approaches time seems to start to fly by more so than it does during the winter months which only makes us feel like we get even less time with nice weather. But the sun was shining this week therefore so were my kids. We have had numerous picnics in our backyard and at the park along with some great times in their two mini paddle pools. 

Along with summer time fun, I have become a race car driver. There are only so many hours in the day to do everything that my to do list requires, each day, therefore we have been in our car running errands between all the fun. Buba somewhere decided my Qashqai is his personal race car. *not at all because of my crazy driving We were on the motorway and over the radio I heard Buba shouting, “faster Mommy, you are losing!” At first oblivious to what he meant, I asked, “what am I losing?” He replied, “the race, Mommy you have to go faster!” I attempted to explain Mommy wasn’t a race car driver. But he wasn’t having any of it. “Mommy, that little car is passing you, go faster, beat it!” The competitiveness in me, really wanted to take on the KA next to me but the parent in me, decided that wasn’t being very responsible. 

From this moment on, whenever we are in the car, I have a back seat driver telling me which cars to take on, which ones to pass and when I am not pay attention enough to certain vehicles like a big semi truck (lorry). On the plus side of this, he always shouts “look a motorcycle man”, as it whizzes passed us on the inside, forewarning me not to change lanes ahead of time. There is always a silver lining. 

But today on the way home from shopping at Cheshire Oaks, he finally decided,“Mommy you are not a good race car driver!” I said, “that’s ok, I don’t mind”. In which he thought to further elaborate on, “you should, race cars are fun”. Clearly I am no fun anymore either. 

The joys of becoming super hereos and nascar drivers in the eyes’ of your children only to not live up to their high expectations. 

Buba’s love for cars goes far beyond his Disney Car Die Casts. We caught him mumbling in his sleep about buying a new car, from the moment he wakes he asks about his cars, and wherever we are it’s always about the cars!!! I think I hear nascar calling…


11 thoughts on “{Funny Phrase Day Friday} #24”

  1. Oh cute. I also have a back seat driver (and drive a Qashqai too!)…I get told to go faster or drive slowly mummy. He also comments on other drivers – they’re going slowly, or ‘come on car’. Very cute, but also a tad annoying sometimes.

    • Yes so true funny and annoying altogether. I get told to go this way and that way too. And that I am going the wrong way. lol Glad I am not the only one.

  2. Haha! That’s funny! Rynne is always telling me “go faster mommy” especially when we are stopped at a red light…why must they be so obsessed with going fast?!?

    • I don’t know but the competitiveness in me is so hard to ignore and not go fast just to please them. Instead I make racing car noises, wahhhhhhhhmmmmm hahaha Crazy mommy I know!

  3. It’s amazing how observant boys are when it comes to all things vehicle related. They seem very in tune with it, unlike the girls, who wouldn’t take any notice whatsoever.

    • I know just shows you how much is just natural instincts and how they are now anything we stereotype them and teach them. lol Boys will be boys won’t they?

  4. Love it! My 3yr old tells me to go faster al the time, except when we see one of those speed signs that light up when you’re going too fast, then he tells me to slow down, even if I’m not the one going too fast but the car in front is! 🙂


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