Getting my body moving more with a mini elliptical 

Last updated on January 8th, 2024 at 04:17 pm

New Year has come and gone and now, like the rest of the planet, people are making New Years resolutions for the year ahead. I, like the rest of them, don’t always keep to those self promises but that doesn’t stop me from making them. Why? Because, ultimately it’s good to have something to strive for and work towards. It gives me purpose and aim for something that I might not try as hard to accomplish if it wasn’t in my focus. On top of my list, is always being a better version of myself both in mind and body and taking more “me” time.

This year, I am focusing hard on “moving my body more”. I am about to turn 40, this year and it’s vital that I am in the best health I can be before my big birthday. I am also realistic in my resolutions because I am a very busy, working parent of three children. My children seem to be in every sport, making “me” time precious and rare. I don’t have the space in my house to set up a gym or the time to always get to the gym but that is not going to stop me this year. 

Cubii Mini Elliptical

I have recently came upon a convenient mini elliptical that I think is going to motivate me and change up my home workouts forever. I work from home so this bluetooth connected under-desk seated mini elliptical is perfect to kick start my New Years resolutions. 

I can workout while I work at my desk. I don’t need extra space, I don’t need extra time and I am multi-tasking by getting my workouts in when I usually don’t have the time. I also have been worried about the time I am just sitting at my desk, typing away, and not moving for so long, what it can do to my body.

This magic mini elliptical is called Cubii. It’s whisper-quiet so it won’t disrupt any phones I am making. With a built in carrying handle for portability I can take it anywhere I want. 

What a huge bonus for me because I move around my house a lot with my laptop so I am not staring at the same walls every day. Cubii has 8 levels of resistance so I can really get a proper workout and follow my progress along on the Cubii app. This mini elliptical can even be used while I watch tv. Getting blood flow to my legs from sitting so much is a huge health benefit

I find it hard as someone that works on a computer all day, sitting, to make sure I move enough throughout the day. It comes to the end of the night, I am exhausted mentally so, like everyone else, I want to enjoy some episodes of my tv shows before I go to bed and shut the mind off. But that’s more sitting, so I love that with Cubii I am not making huge changes that I can’t keep up with and it’s helping me get my body moving way more than ever. 

My goal is to move more, walk more, and stretch more this year. What is your new year’s resolution? How do you keep your body in motion throughout the day? 

*Collaboration with Responsival and not affiliated with Cubii.

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